Bad Attorney Advice Regarding BON Investigation

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Bad Attorney Advice Regarding BON Investigation

Dear Nurse Beth,

I had a BON investigation that was dismissed after 4 yrs. If any employer asks has your license ever been investigated-do you have answer yes. My attorney advised me to "move on & say that I can't remember". How do you move forward after 4 yrs of false accusations and former co-worker attempting to destroy your reputation and career. Thank you

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Dear Moving Forward,

I'm sorry you suffered through a 4 year long investigation that was dismissed.

I have to respectfully disagree with the advice your attorney gave you. First of all, asking "Has your license ever been investigated?" is not a typical application question. It's not even information an employer would want to know, because it would be potentially risky to use that against you by withholding a job offer.

But let's say you were asked this question. I would say "Yes, and the investigation was dropped". Saying you "can't remember" a BON investigation is not only being untruthful, it's  not believable. When hiring an attorney, be sure and get one who has experience with BON and nursing issues, such as one through the American Association of Nurse Attorneys.

Can you really picture yourself in this situation?

Interviewer: "Has your license ever been investigated by the BON?"

You:  ".....I can't remember. Can we move on?"

As far as how do you recover from a coworker maligning you-you put this in your rear view mirror. Whatever she tried to do, or accuse you of, did not stick. You were exonerated. 

Emotionally it's traumatic but it's important not to let her "win" by affecting your emotional health. Consider getting counseling to talk through the experience.

Best wishes,

Nurse Beth

I agree. I would not believe you if you answered this way. If you answer this way, I would assume well jeez he can’t remember, well how many times was he actually investigated.