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One of the nusring programs I am applying to requires all students to undergo a Background. I've no arrest or any crime record whatsoever. But in regards to past employment, do they look at ALL jobs you have had? I have had one real full time job which I do now and the rest were part time jobs while in college.

But with the employment part, whom do they speak to : HR or your immediate manager?

Anyone ever encountered this?


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I might be wrong, but I dont think a background check is for an employment history. It is to find out if you have any questionable areas in your past that might prevent you from being able to sit for the NCLEX. If employment had anything to do with getting into nursing school, half my class wouldnt be there. Some are still living at home and not working, or working for family in a sort of sense. But most dont have much of an employment history at all. So I cant possibly see whay employment history has much to do with anything.

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The nursing school I got accepted to only does a criminal background check. The dean never mentioned or asked about previous employment.


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It should be only a criminal background check, which is required for anyone providing care to children, the elderly, and the disabled. As a matter of fact, I'm on my way to get fingerprinted now (which somehow feels very strange)!

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Any time a former employer is called, it should be at the HR level. If you worked for a large corporation, they won't let supervisors give opinion about work performance since that subjective which could be considered slander/liable.

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Any time a former employer is called, it should be at the HR level.

Agree. The school's check (which is probably required by the facilities where they have contracts to accomodate you for clinicals) isn't about job performance -- it's about accounting for where you've been (in a general sense). I.E. ... you weren't in the state pen for 18 months. :chuckle

Don't sweat it. Best of luck to you. :)

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