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Recently, I was up in arms about my background preventing me from getting into nursing school. Welp, I got the background check done and it came back clear as a whistle. I ordered it around June and the results were emailed the the school AND me. I'm assuming since it came back clear, the school wouldn't have a problem with it, otherwise they would have been contacted me because they have to send all of this stuff out to the clinical sites.

of course I was happy... but I still called the company that the school used to clarify some questions. I had asked them if tickets, and arrests WITHOUT convictions counted and how they did their background checks. Because I have been arrested and received tickets before. I don't know if anyone is familiar with Adam Safeguard, but that's who does them. They assured me that this was that it was accurate.

Now, my main concern is with the fingerprinting for the boards... is the background check the "same?" Or does it take into account your driving record AND criminal history?

I mean even though I'm in the "clear" as far as having a criminal record, I'm still a tad worried.

NO it is not the same. When you are fingerprinted all arrests will come out so you will have to disclose them to the board.

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Ok, I will make sure to do that when the time comes. Hopefully this won't have an effect on my employment or anything will it...? Since my background is "clear."

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The question on our application reads "have you been arrested within the past 10 years" it does not ask if you were convicted - just arrested. We have had a number of applicants who answered no to the question because they were not convicted -- and when the check was complete and the arrest identified they were cut loose. You will have to disclose all arrests for at least 10 years.

Our application has stated: "Have you ever been CONVICTED or plead guilty or NOLO CONTENDRE whether or not you had adjudication withheld......" (close to that)

So in FL, you would not have to disclose an arrest that was one one of the above (ie: the case was dropped or you were found not guilty.) I have read stories where others have had to fight for their ATT just because of an arrest mega-years ago that had no conviction....:uhoh3:

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This is taken directly from the NCLEX app for my state (NJ).

If the Criminal History Background Check reveals a criminal conviction, a review of your application by the Board of Nursing will be required.

-The background check I got from my school didn't show ANY convictions and when employers check it, it usually comes back CLEAR! (or that's what they tell me).

14. Have you ever been summoned; arrested; taken into custody; indicted; tried; charged with; admitted into pre-trial intervention (P.T.I.); or pled guilty to any violation of law, ordinance, felony, misdemeanor or disorderly persons offense, in New Jersey, any other state, the District of Columbia or in any other jurisdiction? (Parking or speeding violations need not be disclosed, but motor vehicle violations such as driving while impaired or intoxicated must be.)

-I HAVE been arrested and received tickets before. The tickets I've went to court for, I've plead guilty and paid the associated fines off. I don't know if these count as traffic convictions or criminal convictions... but like I said since my background came back clear, I can say I have no criminal conviction history...

This is just really confusing me because my nursing school was pretty strict about this and yet I'm "clear" and the background agency the school uses is JCAHO "certified." Like I mentioned early, I also called the agency and asked these same questions and they told me I was pretty clear. The only thing I can think of to actually clarify this is to actually find an independent agency to run a fingerprint background check on me. I also went to the police station last year and requested a certified copy of my convictions. Only the said tickets showed up on the certified copy. My arrest record showed a few contempt (which aren't crimes) warrant arrests when I couldn't pay my fine on time.

I just don't wanna go through two years of school only to find out something like this is holding me up. I'd rather get it settled now.

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Oh and my other concern is that I wanna know WHY is there discrepancy?! I provided my SSN, but didn't provide my license number on the background check information so they ran it by verifying that my SSN matched my name and I guess checked it that way...

I'm not sure what's going to happen with you. I too passed the backround check to get into school. I finished school in June and took NCLEX on Sept 20 2010 and passed. Then I got fingerprinted for criminal backround check on 9-30-2010 and the board now has my license in review status. Now I had a charge back in 1992 which I got PTI for and my record was expunged. Then I had a driving while suspended abt 6 yrs ago. The board wont even tell me why I am in review or how long it will take so I am just in limbo and going crazy! I really need a job. I wish u the best of luck and would advise you to contact your state board for clarification.

A similar situation happened to me. I am in IL and I was arrested in 1993 and the case was dismissed. When I got my background check to go into nursing school.... clean! I decided to take the LPN boards after my first year of the program (allowed in my school) so I could work while completing my RN. Took the board, passed them. So excited, but my license never came. I kept calling and then a person there finally told me that I had an arrest. My world came tumbling down. In IL they only ask you to disclose convictions, so I did not even think of this.

I had to jump through many hoops, but I got my license. I am now working to get that arrest expunged and it is a LONG process.

Good luck and keep us updated.

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Called the BON today and my license number has been posted online! Woo! The only advice I could give to any other applicants with legal issues is DON'T LIE.

Not in Illinois. It says "conviction", yet this is a popular theme...explaining arrests not followed by conviction. The Administrative Code of the IDFPR also states licensing cannot be denied based on arrests without conviction. So, why they pursue them is confusing. The application either needs to change the wording or they need to not question arrests not followed by conviction.

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