Back Pain Nurse Awarded 420,000 pounds!

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Please see this link to the BBC for the full story about Angela Knott, age 36:


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Okay, how much is that in US dollars? I think this is GREAT!!!!


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about 650,000 USD, not near enough for incontinence, disc prolapse, sexual dysfunction, pain and advised not to have kids!!!

1 hoist for 2 units: UNBELIEVABLE in 2002


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Okay, $650,000 is not enough. But, this case opens a big azz door. Thank goodness.


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I thought you all might be interested. Enlightenment comes from our relatives across the pond!

I sure HOPE some changes are made here too. My best friend walked into our hospital perfectly healthy several Christmas Eves ago, and was in the emerg at 1100 and admitted for almost a week. She had several infarcts of the L5 nerve and still has footdrop and pain and swelling. She couldn't work at ALL for almost three years.

Her neurologist (with whom we'd worked for years!) (Who had told her he'd make sure she was taken care of when she asked about the workers comp statement he'd have to make) refused to state that it 100% was a work related injury since there wasn't any specific INCIDENT to point to. I thought a jury would have given her the $$ but a lawyer that she talked to said that because of the neurologist saying maybe yes/maybe no, he wouldn't take the case - she'd probably lose!

I'm still steaming about that.




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Did she try another lawyer, in another town? Sometimes a lawyer who doesn't know any of the folks involved is fearless when it comes to taking on the big dogs. Feeling as you do, I'd sure urge her to continue to pursue this, if she still has problems related to it, and if you feel it is truly work-related.


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