Back to a hospital, y'all!!!


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I've been on probation now for 20 months and have 4 left. I've been working as an RN at a behavioral health hospital. My passion is real hospital nursing. Stepped outside my box and applied at a real medical hospital. The 2 interviews I had sucked! It's never fun telling your story in an interview! I got a call the job AND it's $5 more an hour!! Yay me!!! Don't give up your passion or your dreams!!!

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Wtg :-)

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Congratulations- do you mind telling us all how you prepared yourself for your interview/how you went about disclosing your information?


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how cool is that! our challenges make us better people. I'm happy for you. Peace


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How I prepared for the interview was just to tell the truth. I know who I am. I'm ashamed of what I did but I'm grateful to use myself as a platform. I told them exactly what happened and how I have grown from it. I refuse to hide anymore. They were so understanding and so accepting when I explained how my life was different now. It's worth it to be honest and remember who you are.

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Congrats! :up:


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Congrats!!! Thats wonderful!!

This is the day The Lord has made, we shall rejoice and be glad in it.


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Congratulations! I believe that if we're going to disclose our story, it's important to share what we've learned and how we've changed as a result. I'm so happy for you!