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OK, I am an RN and this one has me stumped. My 3 month old daughter has broken out with a bad rash on her back and legs. They are medium size red bumps. Only on her backside.

She has seen a doctor who said just to change her routine: Detergent, Lotions, Oils etc, as she is having an allergic reaction to one of them.

Has anyone ever had this problem? And for some reason I think she is having a reaction to her formula. And what solutions have worked for you?


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I did; turned out the rash coincided with my rug-cleaning, and Baby was making contact with the rug--this was after it was cleaned and dried...

but whatta hassle trying to figure out the prob!!! :rolleyes:

After I switched brands, no more prob....


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Figuring out what causes the rash is the hardest part. When my oldest son was a baby, he kept getting rashes on his chest, his belly, his shoulder, and his legs. For months I tried changing detergents, formula, baby bath....everything I could think of and everything the docs suggested. Finally saw a doc that suggested he was allergic to the metal that snaps and buttons on clothes are made from (nickel). I put clear nailpolish on any metal that had a chance of contacting my sons skin, and waalaa - it worked! He never outgrew the allergy as we were hoping, and to this day we have to put clear nailpolish on metal pants buttons and snaps, and any jewelry that he wears.

Good luck, I know how frustrating it can be.

PS - just a thought, maybe it's something in her car seat or baby carrier? It would fit with the area of her back side.

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My children developed rashs from their diapers!! The pampers brand broke them out awfully. They had to wear the breathable huggies and the only ointment they could use was called Flander's Buttock Ointment (sp?), anything else would blister their skin. VERY sensitive children. Hope you find the solution for your little one.:confused:


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Did you use a softener for your washing? My daughter (and me too) got it from that, now I don't use one at all and no problem any longer. (although it takes sometime to get used to the "hard" towels!)

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It sounds like she may be allergic to something on her clothes or diaper. Pampers did the same thing to my DD. Also, change her soap and lotion to Aveeno....the baby soaps and lotions are high in alcohol and the stuff that scent them can make it worse.

I don't htink it is her formula..she would be having some GI problems too.


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Originally posted by NicuGal

I don't htink it is her formula..she would be having some GI problems too.

Agreed. I also would think that if it were the formula, the reaction would be more systemic, not just localized to certain parts of the body.

The worst part is having to remove only one variable at a time to isolate which one is causing it.

I hope she's feeling better soon!



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Are the areas localized close enough to her buttocks that it could be from baby wipes?


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MAYBE *YEAST* from what you are describing. Try all the above for sensitive skin then try this:

if you are nursing, eat lots of yogurt or take acidophilus in your diet. these cultures help combat yeasts. Then wash baby's bottom in plain, warm water. DRY THOROUGHLY and i do mean THOROUGHLY...bone dry. Then let air out as much as possible.....have her spend at least 1/2 day without a diaper on. ( I know, messy, put her on a blanket and when she pee's or poop's, just wipe gently and keep her bottom open to air). DO NOT USE CORN STARCH or TALC if you suspect yeast..these feed yeast populations.

If you wish to use barrier creams, do so sparingly and only when baby's bottom is BONE dry so as not to trap moisture under the barrier cream and make the situation worse. Ask the dr about yeast creams for the site, if you need to.

If you do these things faithfully, you can expect to see the rash improve RAPIDLY. The fewer creams, powders, perfumy soaps and lotions you use, the better. Plain water, open air, light and DRYNESS are your best friends in most cases of diaper rash. I know...I battled a horrid yeast-based diaper rash w/my dd at the age of 1 mo.......I finally won when I learned these tricks. GOOD LUCK and if things do not improve soon, get her to a doctor to be evaluated. Don't let the skin break down! (I am sure you won't)......hang in there.

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