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I applied to college for the bachelor of science in nursing program and one of the prerequisite is math. But it says grade 11 or grade 12 U math. My problem is that I got 70's in grade 11 math but 50's in grade 12 . Which math would they look at and would they accept me.

P.s I have good marks in my other courses which are biology, chemistry, physics, english and french ( all 12U).


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For the BScN program, since it's a university program they look at your grade 12 marks. Every school has set a minimum grade requirement for each of the prerequisite courses. Check their website for exact admission requirements.


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I hate to break it to you but the marks listed in the course outline are the minimum acceptable. Usually it's 80% or better that's been accepted in most areas of Alberta.

vintage_RN, BSN, RN

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Admission averages straight from high school into BSCN programs here are well into the 90's...it's extremely competitive.

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The admission averages listed tend to present false hope to applicants. Because of the amount of applicants, the people who get in generally have averages well above those numbers, and even those who have met the minimum required average are often rejected.

What are the rest of your marks? You may need to upgrade your math mark.