b1/b2 visa to f1 visa - what are the odds?


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suzanne4, RN

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The ITIN# should never have been submitted as having a SSN# in the first place as far as I am concerned. That can be constued as providing false information to the BRN, or any BON for that matter.

I am sure when any of the people that have used the ITIN# have not submitted something in writing that it was not an actual SSN#.

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Thanks for clearing that up Suzanne, I know in my state my social security number is run to check for deliquent taxes, unpaid tickets etc. If I didn't have the right number questions would be asked.

There was a big stink when my state asked for social security numbers but it generates revenue for the state.

suzanne4, RN

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Of the person never worked here, then there would be no history associated with that SSN#.

It comes down to who is working that day in the BRN office, not all of the employees will approve the application with the ITIN# used.

But the issue is still that it is not a SSN# and was submitted in the blank that is on that application as being such. Ths most definitely can cause issues with US Immigration later on.

Bigger issue that most do not think about it that when it will come time to renew the license, and they have a SSN#, what are they going to put on the renewal form? They have to list the actual SSN# and then if they put that they used the ITIN# in place of the required SSN#, it is going to open up a very big can of worms for them.

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