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  1. b1/b2 visa to f1 visa - what are the odds?

    i never thought using my itin for my nclex license would be a problem. i have friends who got their ca license using the itin. i guessed i shud've asked the CA BON before i submitted my itin. i'd be researching on this for options. thank you for your...
  2. b1/b2 visa to f1 visa - what are the odds?

    i found a sponsor who is very willing to handle my school expenses. so i don't really have problem with funds. also, i plan to stay in school for a year only. i just answered your questions, but actually im not pursuing my application anymore. thank...
  3. b1/b2 visa to f1 visa - what are the odds?

    i actually have no plans to work here, at least not until i have a valid working visa. so if ever i'll push through with my student visa (which i decided i wil not), i plan to stay in school and not invalidate that status by working. i was just issue...
  4. b1/b2 visa to f1 visa - what are the odds?

    regnurstobe2008 - thank you so much for your pm. unfortunately i cant reply since i need to make 15 meaningful posts before i will be permitted to, i hope you will be able to read this. i have one more question, how many months did you have left on y...
  5. hi everyone. this is my first post, hope you guys can help me. so here's my case: im here in california on B1/B2 visa and i just passed my nclex exam, and thanks to my TIN i have my license card with me. the prob is, my stay here (i94) expir...