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Axis point Healthcare

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Does anyone know anything about the company? Schedule? Administration? Good company to work for? I have never done telephone triage before. I have a critical care and PACU background. I am looking for something more suitable for my home life (3 children and a husband who would out of town frequently). I have applied for the position and spoke with a recruiter. I would just like to hear from someone who has worked there.

Thanks! Any is advise appreciated!

I interviewed with someone over the phone today. I am curious about this company as well. I need a mon-fri job but I don't want to be stressed out of my mind.

Have you heard any good things about the company?

They used to be McKesson but McKesson sold their care mgmt division. Its 24/7 nurse availability so I wonder if all new positions would be evenings and nights.

They told me that have all shifts available

I'm wondering how stressful of a job is it? I read somewhere that the company micromanages you and you are on the phone with them explaining why you did what you did more than actually triaging patients

Any updates about working for this company?

Curious if you have any updates? I recently applied for a position with the myself, how long after you applied did you hear from them? Thanks


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Does anyone know what the shift differential for nights is and what type of shifts they have eggs 7p to 7a or 11p to 7a? I'm very interested in making the transition from bedside nursing.

I saw on Indeed that they were only offering $23 an hour. That seems very low.


i would be happy to answer any questions you have in regards to Axis formerly known as McKesson please pm or email me.

i worked through the McKesson buyout as a Triage RN to the new company Axis

Whatever you do decide for your next career move I wish you the best of luck in finding the position that you are seeking.


Hi! I'm very interested and wanted to check if they are currently hiring. Thank you

Hi! I'm very interested and wanted to check if they are currently hiring. Thank you


they are always hiring approximately every 3 months they cycle in new nurses to replace the nurses that do leave.

Best of luck it is a little bit of a process on boarding.

Do you know if PRN is possible in this type of job?

Not even right now it is mandatory ot for nurses .

plan on working at least 40 hours a week. I was averaging 60 plus with ot.

The schedules are rotating days off 5 days a week you bid to gets your schedule and there is no deviation on the set schedule until you rebid or switch days off with another nurse who holds your liscensures.


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Can you tell us why they have 3 month turnover with nurses? That's not good sign. But I run company with wife from home and can't really work 12 hour shifts any longer at hospital.

Axis Point Health is a good company to work for. Fixed schedules so not a lot of flexibility, other than that it's good. You are not micro managed, but you are accountable for meeting standards. Currently hiring in compact states.

Hello, Do you work 12 hour shifts or 8 hrs? Is it monthly scheduling so you can know days off ahead of time? Do you work weekends?

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