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Average Time taken to retake Nclex-RN?


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Hi guys, just wanted to know for the retakers of nclex-rn out there...How long of time in between did you personally take to prepare yourself to retake the nclex-rn exam? Where I am from we have a wait time of 45 days but I feel that I will go over the count of 45 days because I failed nclex-rn on August 6 and I am really just picking myself up again to get back to studying mode. Are there others out there who also had to take a few weeks off after failing in order to regenerate?

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It really is up to you when you re sit the exam, I personally would wait until I felt ready to take it again before applying. No good will come from rushing and all you are doing is stressing yourself out

Always at least two months, at the minimum. When you get your results, you need to give yourself time just to get back together where you can study.

Best bet is to wait until you are ready to prepare again, then add two months on to that at the earliest.

Best of luck to you on your next testing date. You can do it.:balloons:


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Great advice!

wow thank God i read this. me and my wife were about to post a thread almost the same with this one.

i guess suzzane and lawrence are right, give also yourself time to recuperate from the pain that you fet. forcing yourself to study again even if you really not ready is a waste of time. you study with many things in mind, studying thinking about what had happened etc. youll just be preoccupied with many things.

my wife is now starting to accept that she did not pass the first time. but this time she told me, shell do everything to pass.

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