average question trainer/qbank scores testing in 2 weeks

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Here are my scores as follows (Kaplan)

Q trainer 1 65

Q trainer 2 56

Q trainer 3 64

Q trainer 4 56

Q trainer 5 64

Q trainer 6 & 7 I havent taken yet

Qbank : 61% 90% completed.

I plan on taking trainer 6 next week, and 7 at the end of next week.

How do you think those scores are? I am pretty nervous because I havent hit the magic "65%" im kind of putting off 6 and 7 trainers till i study and review questiosn more...... and I DEF dont want to fail my jobs just waiting for me to pass!! but my scores arnt the greatest

any advice?


your scores look good...i am taking my exam tommorow! WAAAAHHHH i just finished my q bank yesterday and i only got 62% after doing all the questions...oh well....my highest score was 82% and lowest was 50% on the q banks...

my diagnostic test was 63%

my QT scores:

1 - 63

2 - 69

3 - 72

4 - 67

5 - 60

6 - 65

7 - 70

my readiness test was a 68%

im still going over my notes and i know i should but i will take a walk in a second...my exam is at 12 15 pm

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Good luck with the test!

From all of the threads I've read here, all of those in both posts sound like good scores. So far, my worst trainer score is a 64 and my best is a 74 (I still have a couple more tests left to take). After two years of considering anything less than 80 "failing", it's hard to adjust to a 65 as doing good...by Kaplan's standards anyway :)

I did get a 78% on the Readiness test so that cheers me up. I just started the QBank today so I don't have any data yet...but it seems to be harder than those tests!

tomorrow! well good luck your scores look great. im just getting ready to sit down and finish the qbank. not much more to go.. let me know how you do

yup....q bank questions are hard! anyway i am getting myself ready for more than 75 questions!


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Sorry to wander off topic a step but can you retake the trainers and diagnostic/readiness tests or once you get a score that's your score? As I understand it you can redo the qbank even after answering all the questions but does it impact the score you get or is it just a way to continue practicing?

thats how you have to go in. im going in thinking im taking all 265 otherwise youll stress yourself out.

i only did all my questions once and i got 62% attempting everything once. everything i got wrong, i just read read and read


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Your scores are similar to what I got, and I passed NCLEX first try with 75 questions. Just keep practicing and good luck!

Your scores are similar to what I got, and I passed NCLEX first try with 75 questions. Just keep practicing and good luck!

do you mean perfectly given or me? :uhoh21:


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I understand your frustration Perfectly.I just took NCLEX yesterday and honestly, dont focus so much on the score,but the rationale of the answer.If you got something wrong just make sure you look up the material and get a good understanding of it.The NCLEX test questions were set up differently than kaplan or any other nclex style question I was used to.I did not do that great on the diagnostic and readiness test.My scores were doing a yo-yo dance, so we'll see.I got 75 questions and I hope that was a passing 75 and not a failing 75! stay positive and you can do this!

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