Average pay for experienced med-Surg but new to HH nurse


Hey everyone,

i I just moved to Southern California form New York and I'm tying to find a per diem home health job. I have 2 years of inpatient med-Surg experience but no HH experience.

A small and new agency approached me and offered me per diem RN job but they only offer me $40 each visit and $50 for initial evals, driving usually take 30-40 minutes each way, and mileage is not reimbursed.

I don't know what the average pay is and don't want to be taken advantage of. I know HH nurses get pay per visit, but I don't know if this rate is too low.

Can somebody give me some advise? Or from their personal experience how I can approach this?

Thanks in advance


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I wouldn't hire a perdiem nurse without previous HH experience but if FT I would hire you in Northern California at $62/routine visit, $124/SOC with differentials for visits in between. You would receive 4 mos hourly orientation in the low 40's. Mileage from office to all patient visits/lab from off etc and back is paid and driving time varies from 5 min to 45 with an average probably about 15 min. Non Bay Area.


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That seems low IMO for SoCal. I did HH for the past year, only visits, no SOC. $37 a visit, no mileage. And I'm in the midwest.


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I am in WA state.

45 regular visit

50 oasis

72 admit

mileage at 0.45 cents a mile

drive time max 40 min (rare) very often 3-10 min.


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Those rates are too low. Some agencies pay LVNs $45 a visit. Mileage should be paid.