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  1. UMD Medical Center or Johns Hopkins

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      University of Maryland Medical Center
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      Johns Hopkins

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I am moving to Baltimore, MD from philly. I have my first degree (BS in Nutritional Sciences) from PSU from May 2017. I graduate my accelerated BSN nursing program this December 2018.

I have heard pros and cons of both University of Maryland Medical Center and Johns Hopkins. I am curious of those nurses (or others) who have had experiences at either or both??

I heard Johns Hopkins is salary and pays less because of the "name", but the "name" helps you a lot. But UMD is more nursing focused than doctor focused like Johns Hopkins. UMD also gives more for tuition assistance? (I want to get my masters)

Td;lr which hospital is better for nurses? University of Maryland Medical Center or Johns Hopkins?

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Honesty as a new grad you may have to take whatever you can get, and I would apply at both of those hospitals and many others!! The job market for new grads is really tight in just about every major city, so you may not have a choice. Also most new grad programs start around May, but you may find an exception.


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Apply at both. Interview when you get the invitation to do so, at both. Then make your own judgments. Hospitals vary widely from dept to dept/floor to floor/specialty to specialty/manager to manager as to how the culture carries through.

As a new grad the above advice is applicable; there are more new grads than new grad positions. Apply everywhere.

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