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Hello all-

For those of you who plan to attend Drexels ACE program, just wondering what your gpa is and overall vs. the last 60? I just applied....a little nervous and wondering if the last 60 credits are truly enough. Like so many of us, i goofed early on in college. needless to say, my transcripts show a 2.6 roughly..ugh! but when you count my recent pre-reqs, my last 60 alone give me about a 3.5 gpa. just hoping someone can give me some feedback? thanks!

I was accepted, but won't be attending. I had a 3.4 in undergrad, 4.0 in prereqs.

I just applied. I had 2.78 in undergrad and 4.0 in pre-reqs. Hopefully they won't mind my undergrad gpa.

Hi, I applied in July. I have a B.S. in Marketing with a 3.04 GPA and my pre-req GPA so far is 3.8. I'm currently taking 3 classes this fall and I will be taking Chem and Micro in the Spring. I read on one of the blogs, a lady with a 3.14 acc. gpa and a 3.5 pre-req' was accepted last year. Hope this helps, I guess it really just depends on the other applicants and how many they will accept from the priority deadline and how many spots they will be saving for the others.

I was accepted with an undergrad GPA of 2.8, cumulative GPA of 3.2 and prereq GPA of 3.9 (all science, social science- I'd done the liberal arts classes with my undergrad).

I was accepted to the fall '11 class and my under grad was 3.33 and a 3.42 in just my pre-reqs.

I was just accepted today. My undergraduate GPA was 3.4 and my pre-req GPA was ~3.6.

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Agh, I need to stop checking the site. It probably wont change at all till monday since they probably wont change the status on the weekend. Ahhhhh, nerve wracking!

I was just accepted yesterday to the Fall 2011 cohort ACE program. I had an undergrad GPA of 3.19 prior to retaking/earning A's in my A&P ! and !! and Micro of many moons ago. Dalsor: :sstrs:Your post was in October; Have you heard anything? I'm wondering if perhaps I got in despite applying well after the October priority deadline because some accepted students did not send in their $500 deposit by the 60-day deadline. ??

I just declined my acceptance so another spot opened up for fall 2011! I decided to save money and go to La Salle.

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Hey ready now! I was accepted as well! Make sure to join the ace fall 2011 Facebook group, there's a bunch of discussion on there already

Congrats, Dalsor!! And thanks for the reply pointing me to the Facebook page!!

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