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Has anyone heard about a rumor going around that all nurses interested in going back to school to obtain a higher degree CAN get up to $5000 a semester to go back?????????? I heard that this will be provided by PA state if you sign a contract to stay in PA to work for two years.

IS THIS TRUE??????????

If anyone has heard this please write more information how we can find out more.

I am going to school presently to get my BSN, and would love to have it paid for.

I also heard that any active student loans (for Nursing) might be paid for as well.


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SB 640 - introduced by Mowery, was introduced March 13 and is known as the Nursing Loan Forgiveness and Scholarship Act. The purpose of this act is to provide an incentive to Pennsylvania students to pursue higher education and training in nursing which is essential to the delivery of quality health care services in this Commonwealth and would allow the repayment of these loans by the state. This bill was referred to the Senate Education Committee. Reported as amended, April 3, 2001. First consideration, April 3, 2001. PSNA Strongly supports this bill.

Link to bill can be found @psna website:

PA state legislation

there is a deal in Philadelphia, if you go to the Nursing Union and apply to have your classes paid for, they will match any monies supplied by your work for your continuing education classes, CNA to LPN, LPN to RN, RN to BSN, BSN to MSN, whatever. :D Our staff development person has been pushing it because the city has not been able to give away all the money given by the state, and the city will loose it. :eek:

you do NOT have to be part of the union to get the money, you just have to be accepted into a program before you apply for the $$$

I do not have the details, more than that :rolleyes:

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Do you have to live in PA? I have a pa license and would gladly work for pa for 2 years for this tution help. Anyone know?

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