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my ATT may be invalid?! WHAT?!?!?!?


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i hope someone can provide me some reassurance...

i received my att over a week ago and called pearsonvue today to schedule, but they wouldn't let me! he said i had to call my bon b/c my att may be invalid. ***?! and of course the bon is already closed for today, :banghead: so i have to agonize til tomoro...

does anyone know what could possibly be up? i mean, i had an mip (alcohol) when i was 17 y/o, like 7 years ago, but other than that...i don't know what could possibly be holding it up. i did injure my back in 2003 and had to take my employer to court to pay for med bills (a nursing home) so could that be it? what is going on! i'm freakin' out...

any advice, please!! :crying2:

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Until you speak to the BON it is hard to say what is the problem but I do find it hard to believe that they would give you eligibility when there is a problem. I wouldn't be surprised if it is a problem with Pearsonvue


Specializes in ASC, Infection Control. Has 3 years experience.

okay i just talked to another classmate and she said another girl from our group is having a similar problem. THANK GOODNESS. i should be able to sleep tonight now :) thank you for replying!!

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