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ATT Help?

Hello, everyone!

I had a quick question about your experiences getting your ATT. I graduated May 10 and my education was sent in May 13. All of my peers received their ATTs on May 22. I still haven’t received mine. I contacted my school to make sure they did send in my education and submitted the right name. The PA State Board keeps brushing me off and is telling me to wait more, but I have a job waiting for me that I am supposed to be starting the first week of July, so I’ll need to test by the first/second week of June to be able to start on time so I am increasingly anxious about this as testing spots are filling up fast.

Does anyone have any any tips on getting this done faster??

Thank you guys so much 🙂

Hi, So I had a similar experience but with the TX BON. I would call and they would give me the run around with diffrent emails to send my things. After 5 times of calling and being put on hold for 45min-1hr and given diffrent answers and only being on the phone for 30-45 seconds on the 6th time I decided to explain the urgency of the need to get the ball rolling. I literally complained and explained how every time I called i was being brushed off, getting me off the phone, how rude they were, and that I had waited enough and still nothing was being done etc etc... The lady who I was on the phone with gave me her personal email I resend my stuff to her and she was able to make changes that day. Sometimes you just need to keep calling everyday and be persistent and somewhat annoying until they understand that your future depends on their actions.


I'm from PA too!! My school honestly did all the work for me. All I had to do was sign up for the NCLEX through Pearson, and they are the one's who contacted the state with all our info. I graduated May 4th, and received my ATT on May 13th. I'm not sure if there is anything you can do to speed it up. As long as you/your school submitted everything, I'm afraid all you can do is wait! lmk what happens!

I graduated May 10th and I have YET to receive my ATT. Several of the jobs I've applied to are requesting us to have our licenses by the first week of July as well. Very anxious over here~


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