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Okay so I just took the ATI assessments for community nursing and leadership...OH MAN! Some- MOST of the questions were so tricky at one point I thought the website was malfunctioning because I would select the answer that would be exactly what the ATI accompanying text said and it would be wrong! We were told the NCLEX is very similar to ATI's assessments which is pretty discouraging. I feel pretty comfortable with NCLEX style questions and my critical thinking skills and I normally do pretty decent on exams, but these last two assessments made me terrified of the NCLEX. Any input on this topic would be helpful!

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Honestly, I didn't find ATI and NCLEX to be similar at all. I thought ATI was harder and too found their answers to be a little tricky sometimes.

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I am currently a student in an online RN-to-BSN completion program. I took and passed the ATI Community Health assessment earlier this month with a score of 82 percent, which is in the 99th percentile of scores in the US according to the personalized score report I received. Here is how I studied:

1. I studied the ATI Community Health 6.0 module intensely and took detailed notes.

2. I studied using a study guide from the Passbook series designed for Excelsior's community focused exam that I purchased on Amazon. Since some of the info is outdated, I studied it in front of the computer and Googled every answer to ensure it was correct and to attain a deeper conceptual understanding of the material.


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I used ATI all throughout nursing school and I hated it. I was lucky if I scored proficiency level 1 on any of the proctored exams.. I had the same feeling that you had--very discouraged about my knowledge. However, believe it or not, if you keep practicing & doing questions, it will pay off!! When it came to the Predictor Exam (I felt like I knew NOTHING on the exam), my results were 95% chance of passing the first time of taking the NCLEX...

ATI is a very valuable study tool for the NCLEX. In the weeks leading up to the NCLEX, I did 50-150 ATI questions a day from random modules. I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions and was done in less than an hour. You may not realize it, but it IS helping. Don't worry too much about it. I never felt truly comfortable with my preparedness to take NCLEX, but I think very few people do. Just follow your programs ATI curriculum and you will do fine.

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I second TheCommuter's advice and, like happynurse14 said, you really have to practice. Like, a seemingly unreasonable amount of practice. You'll find that there are little things you miss and you can tweak your strategy from there. Don't be discouraged. It just takes a lot of practice.

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Were these the first ATIs you've taken? If they are, and you found them exceedingly difficult, you'll need to have an ironclad study strategy for the rest of them.

Good luck.