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Hey everyone,

I took the ATI TEAS yesterday and just wanted to provide some helpful info while it's still fresh in my head.


Similar to most study guides. Make sure you know the difference between and how to find the main idea, topic, and summary. Questions include reading passages and finding the meaning of words through context. There will be a couple of questions that list sentences in numbers and you'll have to rearrange them according to clarity.


SOOOOO much easier with the on screen calculator. Make sure you know ratios, percentages, solving for x, and inequalities. Pretty much the same stuff as the TEAS V.


Oh the science portion. This portion has a decent amount of questions that were not in most of the study guides I reviewed. Luckily, I knew the answers from the classes I've taken.

Make sure you know the flow of blood through the heart.

Know which glands secrete which hormones and their functions.

Know the parasympathetic, sympathetic, sensory, and autonomic systems.

Know your electrons, protons, neutrons, and read up on quarks.

You'll have to balance a chemical equation.

Know the scientific method and be able to distinguish control, dependent, and independent variables.

Know the 11 systems.

Know what takes place during digestion in the mouth, stomach, and intestines.

Know what takes place in the small intestine vs. the large intestine.

Know how to do a punnet square.

Know genotype vs. phenotype.

Know meiosis vs. mitosis vs. fertilization.

Know which muscle causes goosebumps.

Know which units are for mass and which are for volume.

Know condensation, vaporization, etc.

Know where gas exchange occurs.

Know the respiratory system.

I'll add more if question come back to mind.


This section was easier on the actual test than in the study guides. Make sure you know complex, compound, and simple sentences. Know apostrophes, proper grammar, and punctuation. Know adjectives vs. adverbs vs. verbs. Know independent clauses, dependent clauses and how they can be joined together.

Overall, the ATI TEAS was easier than the TEAS V. I studied for about two weeks using the mometrix study guide. I know I did well on the test and I can update you once I get the results. Don't over do it and focus on anatomy and physiology more than anything else.

Good luck everyone!

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Thank you! Haha

Thank you so much for that, if you remember anything else please share.

Can you tell me if they had a lot of question with the periodic table? I have so many questions but i don't want to bother you. I'm taking my exam on Friday and I'm nervous.

On my exam, there were no questions on the periodic table. For that, you should remember that reactivity decreases as you go towards the right of the table, rows are called periods, groups are called columns. Know how to calculate atomic mass, know how to obtain the atomic number. Know which are the lightest, electrons are and they do not pertain to the atomic mass for this reason (there was a question about that). There was also a question about injury to the spinal cord and paralysis.

My scores are MATH: 90.3%, READING: 89.1%, SCIENCE: 94.5%, ENGLISH: 83.3%.

I focused mainly on science and math when studying. Also, for science, there were about 7-8 questions on scientific explanations so definitely know your variables.

You're not bothering me at all. We're here to help each other. You can email me directly at [email protected] and I'll try my best to help as much as I can. Don't be nervous. Tell yourself that you got this and you'll be fine!

What resources did you use to help you with math? I have taken the practice test and have been able to raise my score in every area but math.

What was your overall score with those percentages? I'm aiming for similar results.

I used Khan Academy to go over some of the stuff I didn't remember. I can't even begin to explain how awesome that site is. Aside from the mometrix book, I used their site. It has free questions that you can do. Here's the link Free ATI TEAS 6 Practice Test - Best TEAS Test Prep!

Overall was 89%. That's with two weeks of studying while working in the ER so I'm content.

I have the TEAS test on October 25th, but people are saying it is still the TEAS V at our school? I got the TEAS 6 study guide.

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