Does anyone know what ATI Remediation and Review Program is? Got an email from my school saying that my program has adopted this and there is a $109 testing fee. It has already been charged to my tuition account as ATI Nutrition exam. Is this a CD course? or just a test? I'm lost.

Thanks in advance


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never heard it referred to as a "remediation and review program" but a lot of people on here take the ATI exams. basically its an exam set up like NCLEX questions to gauge your knowledge of the material presented.

did that $109 cover only one test? thats the most expensive ATI i've ever heard of. i've never paid more than i think $60 for any of mine. i've taken fundamentals, psych, pharm, ob, peds, med-surg, and leadership ATI's and even paying for two ATI's per semester I've never paid that much.


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honestly pineapple, I have no idea LOL....all they said was they have "adoped the ATI Remediation and REview Program to enhance student remediation and retention. The testing fee is $109 and is due by August 22nd." When I logged into my financial aid acct it was already added to my tuition as ATI Nutrition Exam. So I am assuming that it is just for nutrition? Guess I will find out more on Monday when I start. I feel sorry for the people that don't have financial aid and this "fee" is sprung on them last minute like this. But about par for the course it seems with my school. Last minute drug screens, last minute course fees. I'm learning a lesson quickly LOL


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From what I understand, they are a series of tests which have been "proven" to be of great benefit to students. A graduate from my program said they help a ton in preparing for the NCLEX.

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The Remediation and Review is something new ATI has instituted. When you take a test, the system compiles all the available information on the questions you missed. It puts all this information in your review for that test. It combines all the areas from the workbooks and DVDs to help you review the content for the questions you missed. It is really helpful for finding the answers on the proctored tests where you do not have access to the questions.

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Also you will have links to all the areas on the computer. No need to search the books and DVDs.


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I am in the 2nd semester of an ADN program. We used ATI last semester, I believe I had to pay $140 or something like that. Well this semester it was $186. I used the ATI book to study from. It has lots of good questions for practice, and good general info for studying. We took the assessment on line at school at the end of last semester. It does not count for our grade but they were hoping for everyone to score at least a level 2. For the upcoming semester it will start to count for part of our grade.

I don't have financial aid so I didn't like the extra cost, but it seems like its a good program so hopefully it will help in the long run with the goal of passing the NCLEX.


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Hi pharmgirl,

My program started using ATI after my first semester. We were required to pay for the books & DVD-ROMs each semester, and then test in our subjects at the end of each semester. They did NOT wrap the cost into tuition, and that really annoyed a lot of my fellow students. I graduated a couple of weeks ago, and we had to take a proctored comprehensive predictor exam to graduate. We didn't have to pass (thought they are talking about making that a requirement), we just had to take the darn thing.

ATI is fairly expensive, but no more so than Kaplan or similar review program that many people choose to enroll in post graduation. I have used only ATI materials to review for NCLEX, which I took today (fingers crossed!!). I finished the test in less than an hour (including the tutorial at the beginning and the survey at the end) and I feel OK about it. Not GREAT, but then...who walks out of NCLEX feeling super-confident? I will keep you updated on my status.

ANYWAY, I did find ATI helpful, both in classes and I think in reviewing for NCLEX. It kinda makes me wonder why we use other textbooks at all...hahahaha....


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We use ATI at my school also. We pay for it by level (which consists of 16 weeks). The cost includes the book, CD Rom, practice test online, and the actual test. Our school uses the ATI test as our final for each class.

The first two tests we took were a shock to alot of us. We hadn't even gone over alot of the material in regular lecture, then we were being tested on it. We all learned quickly to use the practice test online throughout the class. Their practice test online are very helpful, if you choose the wrong answer, it explains to you why it is wrong. When you choose the right answer, it tells you why it is right.

Finally, after 2 levels down and 1 left to go, 2 of our instructors are incorporating ATI in with their lectures. This helps us also. I know it is a big expense not included in tuition, trust me I have not financial help and have to "dig" up the $$ to pay for it, but in the end I am sure it will be a big help!!


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My school also uses ATI testing. It is helpful for the in class exams. If you fail the in class, the first thing the instructor will ask you is if you did the ATI stuff. In the Fundamentals class we have to score a level 2 on the proctor test to even be able to take the in class test.

Here at HPU we have adopted the ATI test in which in order to move on to the next level us students need to take a test at the ending of the semester which is computerized and supervised by a professor, the test is on the major subjects that is learned every semester, its a multiple choice test and you can go back and change your answer, the test is timed and graded right there and there. If you hit a certain percentile (ours is 50th percentile) then you pass, if not you fail. Our program is very strict about this and is mandatory. There is books the come with the disc to help you study...hope this helps..

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