ATI prep enough for NCLEX?


I graduated in May and am waiting on my ATT. I used ATI all through my program and took the comp predictor with a 94% chance of passing the first time. After that, I did the 3-day ATI live review and have been taking practice tests every day since.

I have read mixed reviews about ATI in regards to NCLEX and am wondering if I should add another study source? I don't think it is worth learning any new content at this point, and am more focused on strategy. I read every rationale when I do my practice tests.

I am considering buying a months access to just the Q banks/ tests from Kaplan.

Worth it or no?

Any advice from your experience would be wonderful! Thank you!

I also did ATI for my BSN program. I got a 92%:on the predictor. I'm using UWORLD + LaCharity to study for NCLEX and I prefer it much more.


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I did ATI with passing 96%. I Decided to buy Uworld and use Lacharity and I don't regret it at all. I passed Nclex with 77 questions first try. I was only able to finish half of the Qbank on Uworld. It really helped prepare me for the Nclex with the great rationales.


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ATI was my main source of study material for the NCLEX, and received a 99% on the predictor. Our school held a Hurst review course, but I still found I liked the ATI better. I had 75 questions and passed on the first try. Good luck!

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I used mostly ATI for my NCLEX prep; I received a 99% chance of passing my boards on the first try with the predictor. Prep U was also used (until my subscription ran out). Based on what the NCLEX was like for me today, I think the formatting was very similar between it and ATI.