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We are charged and pay an extra 76 dollars a semester for our ATI book, cd, and practice codes. One of the instructors is withholding the codes and will not give them to us. Isnt this illegal?!

I would go above the instructor's head to the head of the department or school. You have a legitimate complaint.

we did go to the dean and she said she would look into it and did not do anything. Oh by the way, the class average was 30 percent on our tests because we didnt have practice questions :(

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did the professor provide a rationale as to why he/she is not giving you guys the code? if you pay for something- then you should have it---point blank. you guys did a great job with going to the dean- hopefully everything will be resolved shortly.

the practice tests are very useful. in my program we were given the practice codes in the beginning of the semester for all of our courses.

her rationale is that she takes those codes and uses them for her own test questions. You are right, if we pay for it, we should receive it. Is there a policy as to how to incorporate ATI into a program or can each one do as they please? This school is such a joke!

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just because she uses the codes for her exams does not excuse her from not giving you guys the information that you paid for. you guys did not pay for the codes for her to make up her examinations. that is not right and her rationale relates to her own problems and not yours.

if she refuses to give you guy the test codes then see what the dean says....if that does not work then i say you call ati and tell them you want your money back because you did not get what you paid for. this should put some pressure onto the teacher to give you guys the codes.

there is no policy on how to incorporate it. we had a comprehensive ati examination at the end of every class. the codes were ours to practice. we had to achieve a 60% or better on the atis. it is to your benefit to practice using the codes b/c it will help you significantly to get a great score on the ati exit examination (if your school uses them for the exit).

I totally agree with everything that you said. We called ATI and they basically told us what you just said ... the codes are there for us to practice and is to be used as a learning tool for students. After we spoke to the ATI representative, he called the school and spoke to the nursing chair. She told him to no longer speak with students about ATI and refer them to her - they still never gave us the codes and they test us over the content and make it worth a big portion of our grade.

Sorry to hear about what your school is doing to you. We had the same situation at my school. They did that to weed people out, but this semester we were given the codes. I scored really low the first time I took it then after receiving advice from a nursing student (of a different school) my scores got better. This is what I did: If you can, go into your ATI account and print your reports from the ATI test that you took. Look at the areas that you were weak in (scores below 75%), then go to those section in your ATI books and read the information (even if you think you already know it). This will help your scores tremendously when you have to retake it. Do this for each report that you print. Even if it has you reading the same information. Read it. Sometimes it will remind of something really small that we may have forgotten but it could cost us to get a question wrong.

I hope your school will give you the codes, it does help to be able to practice and feel more comfortable when taking the ones that matter at the end of each semester. Good Luck

Thanks for your reply, its very frustrating. Did your school use ATIs grading scale? My school made up their own grading scale. If we score a 0 or 1, we get 0 points. If we score a 2, we get 66 percent, which is an F. If we get a perfect 3, then we get all points. This school is such a joke!

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Which ATI are you going to be taking this semester? I have some ATI reviews that I did (IN MY OWN WORDS)that may help you out.

if call ati directly and give them your id and password they can give you the codes that you school is registered to use

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Just an FYI this is an old thread. Most likely it's been resolved. The poster has not put anything new in this thread for months.

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