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I passed the ATI comp predictor with a 97% passing the nclex. I dont feel ready to take my nclex even though i have this score. Our school used ATI throughout the year and kaplan for the last 3 days. Kaplan was so hard for me. i failed the Kaplan readiness twice then passed it the third time. My question is how accurate are these predictors for ATI. My vati is finished and i have scheduled my NCLEX for two weeks from today . I am doing Saunders and Kaplan test banks. My scores are always in the 60-low 70's on these question banks. Im just hoping the predictor is accurate and I am truly ready. anyone else in my shaky shoes?

97% is an great score and I know alot of people who pass with 90% pass NCLEX. However, I got a 92% chance of passing and yet I didn't pass the first time. I'm not saying that ATI isn't accurate, but I feel the ATI tests lack in higher level questions. The tests are great to check which subjects you are weak in and ATI provides tons of content. Also, I'm not impressed with their rationals. Often I would have to ask my VATI teacher to further explain some of the answers to the questions. So, it's good that you are taking Kaplan because I think their questions are harder than ATI.

I also suggest checking out UWORLD. The rationals are the best and was one of the main tools that helped me pass the test the second time around (along side LaCharity).

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I'll just say this, my school used ATI throughout the year and I passed the predictor with a 99% chance of passing the NCLEX on the first try and I did just that, 3 months after I graduated and all my graduating classmates passed NCLEX on the first try too and most of them took the NCLEX within weeks to one month post graduation. We needed at least a 95% on the predictor to pass our program by the way. Now does that mean ATI is the reason we passed, eh I dont want to go that far but did we do well on the predictor and then pass the NCLEX-PN, yes!!!!!

Good luck!


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I heard about uworld. I will look into that. 17 more days to go!!:nailbiting:

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