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  1. How much do you make 2016

    $32/hr LPN non bedside in GA. Outpatient facility.?
  2. Bridge programs in GA

    Hello, I was wondering if any GA residents had any good insight regarding LPN to RN bridge programs in the greater ATL metropolitan area.
  3. Anyone successfully challenge the boards?

    Why? If I say no, you'll have something negative to say to that and if I say yes I'm a nurse, you'll have something negative to say about that. Just like you , I have an opinion, and I stick by mine so have a good day!
  4. Anyone successfully challenge the boards?

    I completely agree with you. A lot of people on here have missed the point of your original post and have just been attacking you. I hope you pass or atleast land a job as a RT. Good luck to you
  5. LTC vs Assisted living

    I know you're venting but RTs do way more than just nebulizer treatments. If an RT said they're a nurse because they took someone to the bathroom or changed a simple dressing, I highly doubt, you'd be pleased to hear that, because you know there is s...
  6. Moving to Atlanta

    Gwinnett Medical Center uses Fresenius
  7. $2,600 too much money for PCT course?

    Um hell yes thats too much for a PCT course. But do what's best for you. I paid a little over $600 for my CNA course 10yrs ago, and go over $500 of it reimbursed.
  8. Academic Review Board @ ECPI?

    I see. Well good luck with getting reinstated. Sorry about your cousin and your situation. I wish you much success in your nursing career.
  9. Academic Review Board @ ECPI?

    Why didn't you just drop the classes instead of continuing on considering your circumstances? It just seems silly to use the death as an excuse after the fact. Now if if you dropped the classes but they count them as a fail, then that I understand, a...
  10. RNs treat me like I'm not a nurse

    Thank you. I do understand that there will always be some bit of negativity no matter where one works, I have just dealt with this issue for many years in a few states. At the end of the day I do focus on myself and my learning but itdoes make it har...
  11. RNs treat me like I'm not a nurse

    [quote=Lev Ok!
  12. RNs treat me like I'm not a nurse

    Um I made no assumptions about you. Can you please use the reply button so, you can properly address someone.
  13. RNs treat me like I'm not a nurse

    Thank you. Also I wasn't saying that I have been blamed for anything specific. I was saying that the nurses would constantly blame the PCTs as a whole whenever our manager spoke about issues on the unit, because they felt like PCTs or anyone with a l...
  14. RNs treat me like I'm not a nurse

    It's really sad to say but 90% of the RNs I work with dont value the LPN title. I feel like I'm still a PCT that gets blamed for everything bad, and never gets recognized for a job well done. Its like if youdont have RN behind your name at my facilit...
  15. ATI comprehensive predictor PN

    I'll just say this, my school used ATI throughout the year and I passed the predictor with a 99% chance of passing the NCLEX on the first try and I did just that, 3 months after I graduated and all my graduating classmates passed NCLEX on the first t...