At War With Ourselves

Get vaccinated and end this war against ourselves

We struggle every day with the COVID pandemic, and at the same time, some of us reject our greatest tool against it, vaccination. This article is my opinion about the oxymoron of nurses against COVID vaccine mandates.


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Brenda Montoya

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As a nurse from a younger generation, (graduating class of 2000) I also find nurses who are against vaccinations without reasonable cause confusing. We too were required to be vaccinated against Hepatitis, Tetanus and the flu, as well as prove our childhood vaccinations were up to date. It’s simply part of being a healthcare worker. We are exposed to these infections on the job, why wouldn’t you want to protect your family and yourself with this scientific solution? I was cautious at first but after a few hours of reading evidence based scientific data I was ready to receive my vaccine. I for one am grateful we have the power to fight this pandemic, and will continue to use my influence as a nurse to quell misinformation and set the story straight for our patients. Wonderfully written article. Congrats on winning the contest.