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I have a very important question, and I guess I will get the best advice with being blunt about my situation. I was arrested over 2 years ago for "coke" being in my car (WAS NOT MINE) but the charge was dropped almost immediatly since the state could not prove it was actually mine. So i was never convicted or plead guilty or anything, and I plan on having the arrest expunged this year. And it is also my only arrest. In Florida will this come up when I try to enter a nursing program or take any tests or get my license? I appreciate any helpful replies! :)

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I know of one classmate of mine, who was arrested for stealing a credit card, but when she was accepted to nursing school, she had to meet with the dean of the school and some other nursing school staff members and tell them that she did that when she was 18 and now at 35 she was a different person.

so you can be accepted to nursing school, but be honest in your application as well. best of luck to you!

My friend who is about to graduate from nursing school dealt with a similar situation... Not only does she have a DUI but she also had an issue with getting past issues exponged from her record. It was worse...She was robbed, her bf at the time had to shoot the robber, who ended up living...and the robber shot her friend that was in the house who ended up dying. Basically she was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. The gun that her weirdo boyfriend had was stolen and not registered and it turned into a HUGE mess. She got it taken off her record... and now everything is okay. Just thought it might give you some hope that a realllllly bad situation doesnt always mean everything else will turn out bad as well.. If its your passion....go for it.

I knew someone in a similar situation and I helped him go through this process. He also had an arrest record and wanted to become a Paramedic. An arrest record can be expunged in the State of Florida. Once a record is expunged you can legally deny the existence of the arrest. You are only required to disclose the arrest to certain governmental entities. As for nursing schools in Florida, they all require a Level 2 background check which is only a Level 1 background check with fingerprint verification. Once a record is expunged it does not appear on either a Level 1 or Level 2 background check. The best part is that you can do the expungement yourself. Go to and youll get all the information required to start the process. There is also an 800 # that you can call. If you have the resources there are lawyers that specialize in dealing with State Nursing Boards. Good Luck!

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