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I'm writing this because I'm feeling anxious about asking my professors to write a letter of recommendation for me to send to the BON. In 2016, I made a mistake when I decided to drive after drinking. I was arrested and charged with a DUI. I fully own my thoughtless actions and I understand I put many lives at risk, including my own. I had to reevaluate my coping mechanisms of stress. Now I am faced with another test of character-being vulnerable and honest about my mistakes. I'm so very afraid my of judgement and rejection. I know that my professor thinks highly of me yet my fears of inadequacy and shame are overwhelming. I am taking a lot of deep breaths and practicing meditation with lovingkindness mantras directed toward myself. Still, I am so anxious! Has anyone had to do this before? if so, what advice can you lend as to what I should say as i speak with my professor, and share the reason for the letter?

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Copy and paste your post onto a letter and hand it to your professor. Full disclosure honesty. Good Luck.

I'll be speaking with her. No letters or emails. Thank you, for your comment. Humility is what will connect us as humans. It's just hard and I'm being a baby haha

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I wish you best of luck.

All worked out well. Professor was very understanding!:happy:

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All worked out well. Professor was very understanding!:happy:

So glad!!

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