As a PDN, have you ever travelled with your patient?

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i work as a pdn rn as most of you are aware. i work for two homes. the one home is two disabled children whom have pdn cares, one mr, asd adult who has a pcw in which the rns have nothing to do with, and a single mom. mom is planning a trip out west (24 hour drive) to visit her three natural born sons, attend one's college graduation, visit her ex-husband and old friends whom she hasn't seen in years.

mom only planned to drive out west with the adult mr/asd male but her 12yo, wheelchair-bound son desperately wants to go with to see his dad and brothers and just for the experience. so, mom finally broke down the other day for the boy's sake and asked if any of her pdn rns could come along for the trip so the little boy could go as well. all the rns on the case are not available to leave for 10 days except me. i thought about it long and hard, talked to my parents about it (even tho i'm 41!!) and my fiance in london and have decided that my schedule would most definitely allow me to go along and i can swing it. i've never done anything like this before plus i've never been out west to the states we are going to. it sounds like a fun experience. my only expenses would include my food there and back while travelling on the road as the rest of the time i will eat with the family. mom will pay for our hotels along the way and while out west. so it will be little expense to me. on the other hand, i will still get paid 12 hours a day up to 60 hours a week for being on the trip with them. and it just so happens that it works out that i will get two weeks of 60 hours/week pay which makes me happy!!

have any of you ever done this and what was your experience like? like i said, i've never gone away with anyone except my own immediate family and especially not someone i work for. any and all advice appreciated!! :nurse:

I was going to work with a couple of clients who traveled a lot. One was very wealthy and would go to Europe. I thought that situation was more than I could handle. He was unhappy with his nursing staff during a trip to Europe because he got sick and they didn't know how to access health care. Too much for me! The other one was mostly trips to Hawaii which I know full well I could have accommodated! Just be aware that in reality your day will be longer than the 8 or 12 hour shift. Your hours on "duty" will be blurred but you can only do paperwork for and be paid for what the agency says is ok each day. That was the only thing my agency told me except they said all expenses are to be covered by the patient. Sounds like fun to me.

I took care of a member of a very wealthy, well known family for 13 yrs. I did travel with them several times. They always got a large hotel suite and I had my own room. They put my patient in a large central area and hired a night nurse so I could sleep. I accompanied them during the day to all their activities and was paid for it. After 40 hours, it was overtime. Many of the events had famous people there and one was even televised daily. I felt like I was Robin Leech looking on in the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." They also had a limo rented w/ driver at their disposal all day, so I also was given some time off on my own since my brother lived in the town we were in, so I could walk out of the hotel and the limo would take me wherever I wanted to go. It was the experience of a lifetime!

So I say, travel when you can and enjoy. It will be especially gratifying if you know that this child can't go otherwise and the disabled so rarely are able to go to social events/activities because of agency or funding restraints.


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I traveled with my patient this summer. Another nurse and I split the hours. Like Caliotter said, your day WILL be longer than you get paid for. If you don't mind being around them 24/7 and have the available time, then go for it. Everything is an experience!

PS: The only reason I wouldn't go is if the client's lifestyle/values made me uncomfortable.

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Thanks for your advice all! I will only get paid for 12 hrs per day but I know I will be working technically more than that. I'm OK with that. Plus, Mom has also told me I will be given time away from the family as well if I need a break or want to sightsee on my own. I'm really looking forward to this little mini working vacation! :D

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