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Arrest record?


I also posted this in the student section..Thanks in advance!

HI everyone..I am so stressed right now..I was arrested almost 16 years ago for a possession charge and was granted pc 1000 or deferred judgement and with succesful completion of the program, the charges were dropped. So, I really do no have a conviction and do not have any problems disclosing the arrest and am my third semester of nursing school and getting ready for the nclex and licensing..anyone been through this or have any advice? I have also called the BRN and they all say that I should be alright but I want to hear it from someone that has been through it! Im in california if that helps

You can not compare your situation to anyone else's. Each case is handled on an individual basis. Go with what the BRN has told you thusfar and look to them for answers to your unique record.

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I wish you luck. If the BRN says you will be ok, then I suppose you will have to trust that. I hope everything works out!

Thanks for the words of encouragement! I am keeping my fingers crossed...If we all could have a "do over" button, huh?

I applied for my LVN license and was denied for a petty theft conviction from 15 years ago. I am now in the appeal process. I am devastated. I hope your situation goes a whole lot better.

Oh gosh, I am sorry to hear that! What state are you in? I guess I am hopeful because I had a deferred entry of judgement and I am not sure if that will help me...I dunno, guess that is why I am asking on this board..

i have a VERY similar situation...and our dates are almost exact. =/ im in the same boat as you. do you have an email?

Hi, yes, I sent you a private message with my email!

Hey guys.. I took my NCLEX and passed. However, The Board has not issued my license yet. I received a letter stating they're reviewing my conviction record before making any desicions.

I am terrified. I openly disclosed the fact that I was convicted of Petty Theft exactly around the time I turned 18 years old..

Idk what to think.. I invested soooo much time, energy, and funds into my nursing school/program and now I am left with this big question mark!!

If you have any wise words I would really really appreciate it!

AS long as you were honest and upfront, you'll be alright. Congrats on passing the NClEX! PLEASE UPDATE WHEN YOU GET YOUR LICENSE! :up:

Im in the same boat. When I was 18, I stole some simalac. Was desperate and did something COMPLETELY stupid. I had to pay for my criminal background/sex offender check and Im praying I can still start school in Sept. I tell my kids all the time to be very careful because one bad/stupid idea can hunt you for the rest of your life.