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Hi everybody. I just got home from taking the NCLEX-RN. The test shut off around 115 but I stopped paying attention to the number after 100 because it was causing me too much anxiety. I was hoping that it would shut off at 75 so I could have a more clear indication of whether I passed or failed. I had a few select all that apply and drag and drop but it was mostly multiple choice. My questions dealt mostly with infection control, ESRD, a few peds, and A LOT of medication questions. Coincidentally, the medication questions were the ones I was most unsure of. Did anybody have a similar experience with the total number of questions being around 115, or early 100s? What were your results? I am freaking out over here!

Thanks for your responses, I would really appreciate some feedback negative, positive, or otherwise. :)

thanks. i am just not sure what to make of the number of questions or the type of questions. anybody have an experience similar or even completely different that can shed some light?


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Did you try the pearson vue trick?

yes and i got the "good pop up." i don't want to put so much stock in that though even though everybody is saying that it is accurate. i'd hate to get my hopes up and then find out i failed.

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The number of questions cannot determine if you passed or failed. The computer grades the test as you go along. At 75 questions you were not significantly above or below the passing level- you were borderline. So you kept getting questions until the computer could determine your skill with 95% confidence at 115 questions.

Since you got the good pop up, it's very likely that you passed. Congratulations!

thanks! that's what i figured.. if i was failing miserably they would have just shut me off. i guess i was borderline the whole way and i just needed that extra push to pass. I HOPE I PASSED


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You're golden! No worries :)

so how was it??? I take mine next week and I'm so scared

it wasn't impossible but it wasn't easy. i will say know your infection control, know your priority assessments, try and know common medications for htn and the side effects. i don't want to go into specifics but don't forget your basics! without a down pat understanding on fundamentals, you will not be able to pass this exam, in my opinion. take care in reading the question and knowing what they are asking for such as "what requires follow-up? what is correct? what is incorrect?" most of my questions were on infection control, prioritizing, and client teaching. i would characterize the test as being a fair test.

i would say a fair amount of anxiety is normal when going into take the test. EMBRACE IT AND LET IT MOTIVATE YOU. take deep breaths when you become frustrated or unsure but don't bug out. if the test runs longer than 75 questions, stop focusing on the question number and just answer to the best of your ability. if you receive multiple questions on the same topic DON'T DOUBT YOURSELF. you've prepared for the test and you know everything you are supposed to know. do not deviate from what you've spent months studying, memorizing, and learning.

keep a positive mental attitude and know that you are taking the test because you are ready to take the test.

i haven't found out my results yet. i can't honestly tell you if i think i passed or failed. all i can tell you is that i utilized the knowledge that i had and applied it to the questions. when i became concerned that i was being fed the same topics over and over, i was tempted to change what i remember studying and put down different answers. i did not do this. i stuck to what i knew and did not doubt myself. if i failed, i will be wholeheartedly disappointed but i did the best that i could do FOR NOW. if i passed then i know i did the best that i could do.



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jennie12 congratulations!!~~

for what i know, you are the average... in fact less than the usual, i know we read many 75 q's and stop, but that is not the usual, when you do great, you want everyone to know so they post them.

i like the people who stated they did not study and pass... mmmm... i do not think is the usual student.. i am not saying is not possible, but is not the average in my opinion. who want to take the change and look bad? uuummm..

i must say that i have the feeling if you have many sata's in the first 75 you are doing excellent, if you dont most likely you wil go for 150, since you missed some key questions, level 3-4 of what kaplan says are passing level.

i have not taken the test yet, but i seen that sata trend, which for me is bad, since i tend to do really bad with them, even when i have try to practice more of them...