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Hey all, I know that there are a lot of questions about Army nursing already, but I'm just not finding the answers I'm looking for. I'm a Junior in college right now and don't have any previous Army experience but I'm interested in becoming an Army nurse. A few of my relative have been in the Army so I know a little about it in general, but none of them have done nursing. I know that in order to become a nurse in the Army I would have to pass all of the pre-reqs (physical fitness requirements, etc.). I don't really know what comes after that. I've read that you would go to Army Officer Training and then you would get stationed. Is there anything else? Also, is it necessary to have nursing experience before joining the Army? Any other information related to the Army or nursing in the Army would be helpful (:

Thank you!!

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You will need a baccalaureate degree (a.k.a. bachelor of science degree in nursing) in order to commission into the Army Nurse Corps. In addition, you will need nursing experience, preferably in a specialty.

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Right no the Army is only taking a handful of nurse's via direct commission which you would be. You will need at least 2 years experience and having a specialty with certification would make you competitive. Push for the highest GPA that you can obtain since the military looks at them also. From what one of my fellow nurse how just came back from Captains Career course you will need a 3.5 or better. Volunteer active will also help since they look at the whole person when deciding on how they will choose. As you stated you know about the physical aspects; start know to get in the best shape of your life to help your selection since they will want to choose a PT stud over someone how meets minimum physical standards.

Today there is very few nursing slots but in a few years the need might be like 10 years ago and almost every nurse got in that wanted to.