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Army: Exceeding weight limit with low bodyfat


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I'm likely going to apply to USAGPAN next year. I'm 5'10, 203lbs with 11% bodyfat. I exceed the 189lb weight limit. I can lose weight, but I know I'll lose hard-earned muscle if I do. Does the army take bodyfat % into consideration, or are they set with the weight limit?

I do a lot of weight lifting and jogging, and I just want to know what type of training I should be doing to prepare myself while I get all of my ducks in a row to apply in a few months.

jeckrn, BSN, RN

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You will need to ask a recruiter on this one since I do not know what the commissioning standards are. I know once you are in you have to pass weight or body fat. For Males they measure your neck and abdomen and based on your height they come up with a body fat percentage. This does not always come up with a true body fat percentage. Women are taped a little different.

It seems to me, that doctors could sign off on somebody who was outside of the standards, but that might not apply to special programs. Look up the current Reg on the weight control program and scour it for the policies that apply. And don't assume that whoever would be doing the initial screening would know every possible exception/situation.

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As long as you pass tape as described by jeckrn, you should be fine. Same as the standards for active duty.