1. Hi everyone! I just thought I'd start the new State forums off with an introduction thread. Please feel free to reply to this thread if you wish. Otherwise, feel free to start a new topic if you wish to discuss other topics that are local or state related. Enjoy!
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  3. by   nurse110
    Hi Brian, My name is Brenda. I'm a LPN in Arkansas. Not too many here yet. Hope more nurses show up so that we can all talk. This will give us all a chance to talk to one another in the same state. Anyway, I'll be checking back to see how many have joined. Thanks,:roll
  4. by   det01

    I am Dana. I am a nursing student in Little Rock. In AR because the AF told us this is home till some time in Mid 2005. I should have completed the nursing program by then

    I start clinicals in October...I can't wait!
  5. by   can'twait2B1
    Hi everybody I am visiting from the Oklahoma board, I am a LPN student right now.I live right on the border so I am not sure which state I will work in upon graduation. Any imput will be appreciated. LOVE THESE NEW STATE FORUMS!
  6. by   AlishaNHayzley
    Hey I'm Alisha. I live on the outskirts of HotSprings and go to National Park Community College.Class of 05 starting clinicals, uh Wed. I guess. Fun Fun Fun.
  7. by   AHRN
    Hi, this is a great idea!
    I've been an RN since 1972 - older than dirt!
    I've lived and worked in AR since 1989.
  8. by   bedpan
    Hi everyone

    I am in an LPN Program down in the south part of the state but my plans are to head to the Rock upon graduation and continue for my RN

    Now if there were only a Razorback icon I could put here . . . . . .
  9. by   Browneyedgirl
    I"m in south Ark also...I'm working towards entering the BSN program at Hope.
  10. by   catherineoleary
    irish nurse with itchy feet for travel. Plan to work in Texas or Arkansas by 2005. I have visited Arkansas many times! Love it!
  11. by   klhs
    Hi! I am a LPN in southeast Arkansas working in a Family Practice Clinic. Love this website... and the forum just made it better!
  12. by   arkgolfer

    I'm an RN in central Ark currently in anesthesia school in Texas. Can't wait to get back home. It is HOT down here!
  13. by   debralynn
    So far, I am the only one in NE Arkansas. LPN waiting for my temporary. Will be going for my RN ASN starting next Monday, 25th. Having been working partime as a PCT since Oct. I love geriatric patients!
  14. by   RNMBA

    I'm an RN in central Arkansas working in a CVICU. Hoping to start CRNA school in January.