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  1. I plan on applying for the ADN progam at UALR soon. I am a nervous reck. I know there are more people applying than spots available. I have about 96 quality points. I made an 84 on my evolve exam. I have a 3.5 gpa. I have taken most of my Support Courses except Chemistry and Microbiology. I am taking Micro in the spring and have to repeat chemistry b/c I made a D in it about 10 years ago. I'm scared that chemistry will ruin my chances. I have a prior bachelors degree. I was just wondering what shot do I have of getting in the program.
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  3. by   Cg37387n
    Have you considered an aBSN since you do have a prior bachelors? I don't know your GPA from your previous major. A lot of places are starting to shy away from hiring ADNs and only hiring BSNs. Which makes me nervous because I want to start with an ADN program in order to get my GPA up and everything. Look around in your area for aBSNs and see if that is also a viable option. You'll be finishing up the same time for the most part as your ADN (that it being 4 semesters). aBSN = Accelerated. Good Luck!
  4. by   ladyvp05
    Yeah I have thought about that. We don't have many nursing schools in my area. UAMS has a BSN program but they have way too many prerequisites. It would take me another year to complete them and the nursing part is another 3 years so basically it would take me 4 years to complete. This program is only 2 years or the accelerated option is 1.5 years. Then you can do the 1 year BSN part completely online while working. I need money sooner than 4 years.
  5. by   future_RN17
    I am applying to UAMS BSN program this year. I can agree somewhat to what was stated prior about hospitals hiring BSN applicants vs. Associates degree nurses.

    I have worked at children's hospital and UAMS...both are aspiring to be Magnet Hospitals like St. Vincent's and the VA is the huge certification that takes years to complete. One of the requirements is to have a certain number of BSN nursing and a lot of these hospitals are requiring their current Associates nurses to get their BSN by a certain date. With that being said, you will be interviewing for jobs alongside BSN nurses (who will be more sought out) and it will be harder to get hired due to that reason.

    Also, I applied to UALR last year and was accepted. I had made an 85.4 on my Hesi exam and hadn't completed many pre reqs and had about 70something quality points without the hesi exam. I decided to take the extra year to finish the required pre reqs for UAMS and applied here this year. As a backup I applied to the UALR accelerated program, but don't plan on going there (unless UAMS doesn't become an option).

    When you think about it...the pre reqs for UAMS are not that difficult, and many bachelors programs all require about the same things. Nutrition, logic, developmental psych, statistics....these are all important classes that will help more than anything in nursing school. Also, think about the name that is associated with the education. When you think of UAMS nursing school, you think of a prestigious medical school and one of the best hospitals in Arkansas, the only level 1 trauma ER and some of the best world class doctors and nurses.

    That was a big decision for me to take (to take the extra year to finish) but I'm sure it will be well worth it!
  6. by   ladyvp05
    Thanks for the advice. Well seeing you were accepted gives me hope. I am going to do BSN. UALR has it where as soon as you get you ASN degree, You can immediately start back the next semester and do the RN-BSN online. If I try to do UAMS I would have to wait until 2015 to apply b/c I don't have Chem and Micro Complete. I don't have time for that. I am a stuggling medical assistant and I just can't see myself doing this for any longer. If I was single with no kids things would be different. I know I may be taking the longer route by doing RN then BSN but it is the best route for me. I met a male nurse who started from the bottom. He was CNA, LPN, RN, BSN and now he has a masters as a CRNA and working at UAMS. He was a single dad. So It was the best route for him.
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  7. by   ladyvp05
    Anybody else applying to UALR or already going there?
  8. by   NYNewGrad16
    Hi! I'm applying to UALR (accelerated option) however my first choice is UAMS.

    I've already turned in everything for both schools so now I'm just doing the annoying waiting game.

    Ladyvp05, are you saying that you'll be taking Chemistry this Spring as well as Micro or are you planning to take Chemistry when you're enrolled in the Nursing program. Either way I HONESTLY don't think you have anything to worry about!

    My good friend graduated from UALRs Nursing program a couple of years ago and she said that there were students in here class that still had to take MICRO AND CHEMISTRY! I think you'll have to worry more about the actual courseload than actually gaining admission. Your GPA and Evolve scores are both pretty high. Additionally, I'm not sure if you were aware but any score above a 79 on the Evolve test automatically grants you 10 additional quality points!
  9. by   Ivanamp
    Hi! Another UALR applicant here. Just turned in my application, looking forward to hearing back. They told me that they will be mailing out letters by the end of March. Has anyone else completed their application? Any other future UALR students?
  10. by   ladyvp05
    Thanks for answering my question. I am currently taking micro this semester and if i get in the program I will only have Chem left to take. I work at a clinic and one of our patients is a nursing teacher. She has taught at Baptist and UALR and she did say that UALR was an intense program. Nursing school is just hard anywhere you go. Hope you get in at UAMS.
  11. by   ladyvp05
    I just got an email a few days ago saying we have received your complete application and there is nothing else you have to do. This doesn't mean you are accepted or denied. It also said they will email acceptance letters. I thought they mailed them out. Either way I'm going to be stalking the mailbox and email like a hawk.
  12. by   TiredKitten
    Hi Ladyvp05,

    I'm currently in my last semester of UALR's nursing program. So ready to graduate in May. I don't think you have anything to worry about. I went to nursing school almost 20 years after starting the first time. Spent way to much time not studying, so I only had a 2.69. I actually had to take a semester of classes just to get my GPA up over the min of 2.7 to apply. When I did apply the next year, I still had not finished chem or micro. I also had to retake chem because I got a D in it the first time. There were a lot of students that had not even taken AP2 in my intro to nursing class. So I think you are in great shape.
  13. by   iTyrizzle87

    How is it in UALR's program? I'm a former science teacher in the Little Rock School District who is changing careers. Right now, I am doing work as a CNA, and I am making preparations to attend PTC and obtain a practical nursing license. Like many other career-changers, seeking a BSN would require almost 4 years, and quite frankly, I'm tired of working two or more jobs as a CNA. Becoming a LPN first would allow me to jump right into the nursing field and get my feet wet, and consequently make more of an income compared to what I bring in now as a CNA. I thought about appyling for UALR's ADN program, but I thought it would be too much working 11-7 Monday through Friday while also in class. I could do it for a year maybe, but not two years.
    A side note for the other career changer, if you can get a RN license through BHSLR or UACCM, UAMS has a program specifically made for us with a BS in another field. We just need to get a RN license, take a couple prepreqs, and enter their MSN program. I personally think it's a waste of time and money to get an additional bachelor's degree. UAMS is the only school in the state that I am aware of that has this special track to a Master's of Science in Nursing available for folks like us.
  14. by   TiredKitten
    Personally, I love UALR's program. But I'm not going to lie. Its hard. The teachers really push you with clinical paperwork and reading to make sure you will be a good nurse. The tests are all nclex style questions, so that really takes some getting used to. I looked into Baptist's program, but decided on UALR because they have a really high first time pass rate for nclex. It was in the upper 90's when I looked into it. Plus they have a really good reputation within the hospitals as graduating well rounded nurses. The teachers can be intimidating at first, but they are all willing to help out if you need some extra help understanding anything.

    If you work, you have to have an employer that's willing to change or modify your schedule as needed. Most people that I know in my program work the 12 hour weekend option as a CNA or student nurse at the hospitals. Some will pick up shifts during the week as schedules permit. Others don't work and just very carefully budget student loan money and work a lot during the summer. I didn't realize until I started this program, but you can get financial aid if you are a post bac. It's limited to something like 40 hours of classes, but that enough to get you through this program if you decide not to work.

    The program offers a monthly info session where they will explain the program in detail. You can find that on the website and sign up. They are more than happy to show people around and answer questions.