UALR Nursing Program Applicant 2016

  1. Just applied for the Summer 2016 AAS-RN program. Long wait until March to find out whether I am have been accepted or not. Thought I would get a thread started for this years applicants!
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  3. by   jessie7881

    I just applied to UALR RN program as well;-) I am currently taking A&P I this semester so I will have to wait until May to find out! It's going to be a long wait for sure.
  4. by   IGotThis86
    I am also taking A&P I this semester, along with US History and Chemistry Good luck!
  5. by   IGotThis86
    I am also taking A&P I this semester, along with US History and Chemistry! Good luck!
  6. by   Ti_futureRN
    I have applied too.. Ad yea its a long wait till march. I hope ad pray we all get in...
  7. by   nurse2b4u
    Hi Everyone,

    I haven't applied yet, but I am planning to submit my application this week. I calculated my current GPA and ended up with a 3.00. I know it's not on the competitive side, but I am finishing the rest of my prerequisites this semester. I was wondering if I apply now would they consider my grades at the end of this semester as well? I ask this because they admit on a rolling basis. Also, does anyone know if UALR accepts nursing students for the spring semester? Good luck to all who apply!
  8. by   Swatson08
    Hello all,
    I’ve been reading old threads and most people didn’t get acceptance notification until mid-April and when I turned in my application last month, the receptionist said it would be around April before I heard anything. But I’m super excited, this is my first time applying to UALR, I applied to UAMS last year and didn’t get selected. I currently hold a 3.76 GPA and I’m 25 years old with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology. I’ve completed all my prerequisite courses and I’m just waiting at this point. I hope to see you all this May and good luck to everyone.
  9. by   Flfuturern
    Good Luck to all! I turned in my application, this week as well. I only have a 2.88 and all pre req but the chemistry. (it didnt transfer from my previous school in Florida) I was recently in a BSN program there but had to stop to move to Arknasas.. I hope I get selected. If not Baptist is my second choice. I really want to complete this degree and start working.
    Swatson08 your GPA is really high, I feel your chances are very good.. I hope the best for you and everyone else
  10. by   Swatson08
    Thanks Flfuturern, I hope so too
    fortunately you don't have to have an amazing GPA to get accepted from what I've heard because they have a really large class and I think there is room enough for everyone. March is finally here and April is just around the corner so I hope to see everyone soon.

    FYI I tutor in Math and Science, my Bachelor's Degree is in Biology and Chemistry and I wanted to minor in Math but that required another semester but I really love this stuff and I love helping people. See you all soon.
  11. by   Flfuturern
    Well , in my case I sure hope so. I am a true believer that whatever is for me is just that! I will be in touch with you for tutoring services. (chemistry) Ive taken it and it was a struggle however it didnt transfer so I must re take it here in Arkansas. Although I was previously in a nursing program and know exactly what to expect I am still nervous. I hope the best for us all! keep in touch on the outcome April will be here before we know it.
  12. by   Swatson08
    They do calculate your grades again at the end of the semester

    no they do not have a spring start date but baptist does
  13. by   rn715
    I applied for the RN to BSN program. My gpa isn't the best so I am really praying I get in! I'd love to go back in time 20 years and kick myself for goofing off in college! I applied for a summer start so I am hoping to hear something soon. Good luck to everyone!
  14. by   Flfuturern
    I am new to the Area and dont know much on either school... Hoever from the tour, and entrance criteria my prefrence went to UALR.. However, I am submitting my application to Baptist too, once I take the ACT..(its been 16 years since I was out of High School) I say all that to ask this.. What do you all know about either program, and what do you think is a better choice?