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  1. Hi! I have to take the Hesi on monday and have no idea what to expect. Im done with my first semester of nursing school and they want us to get an 850 and i just wondered is that alot or average. They didnt tell us much about the test other that it was 110 questions and we get 2 trys and they want us to get 850 so any info anyone has on it would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Ex130Load
    From what I remember, 850 is about the "break even" score that if you get it, you are statistically expected to probably (though only slightly so) pass NCLEX. But, the "wind" could blow you either way on your particular test day. Getting 900 or better significantly raises the statistical likelihood of you passing NCLEX. Check HESI's website to see if my info is still correct.

    Possibly a bigger factor in you passing NCLEX may be the school from which you graduate. UALR in Little Rock, a two-year school, last year/this year had a first time pass rate in the mid-90s percentile while UAMS, a four-year school had a mid-80s percentile. The pass rates came from the AR Board of Nursing's magazine.

    One thing to remember or to ask prior to testing is if all question scenarios assume you have a standing order allowing execution of all answer choices. It is pounded in students heads they cannot do anything without orders. Our group's proctor didn't mention that detail to us and we had a larger number of failures partly due to that omission. In other words, you may be offered choices that requires an MD's prescription/directive but the question scenario will/may not mention you are assumed to have a standing prescript or directive. Hope this makes sense. If you are sitting on the dividing line for failing/passing, you will not want something like this detail pushing you on the line's bad side. I mention failing because my school mandated passing HESI to matriculate to senior status and after graduation to be eligible to sit for NCLEX--two HESI test.

    Good luck.
  4. by   prinzessdy
    We had to take the Hesi after each subject, Ob,psych, m/s, ect. We didnt have to get a certain grade on it, it was only 5% of our overall grade in that subject. No one in our class usually made under a 800. there were some 750's here and there but this was only for 55 questions. We did, however, have to take the Hesi exit exam to graduate. It was 160 question and we had to make a 900 or better. 850 is passing accourding to Hesi standards. I think that all made about 850 but some didnt make it above 900. The test really isnt that hard. It is basically asking basic RN knowledge and care. I think that you will do fine! Good luck!
  5. by   LME21
    Thanks for the info. I did pass the test with quite a bit over what i needed so i worried for no reason.
  6. by   CLPN
    I'm a RN graduate and we had to take a midterm and exit Hesi. The bad part about it is we were allowed to walk at our graduation and without receiving our diploma (just an empty case) until we passed the exit Hesi exam. We receive an "I", we are allowed to take the Hesi test and have to pass within 90 days after graduation and if we don't pass it with an 850 we will recieve an "F" for a grade despite the fact that everything that was in our academic curriculum is completed. I called Hesi and asked what was the purpose of their test and I was told that it for diagnostic purposes and that the nursing programs are the ones who make the decision on how high to set the passing rate and to withhold a students diploma/degree. Personally, I think that the purpose of a nursing program is to prepare you to take the NCLEX not to become a nurse. You learn a become a professional by working on the floor and gaining experience, a book, test and case studies can't do that because we don't live in a textbook world. The Hesi test shows your weak areas and just because you passed the Hesi with a high score doesn't mean that you'll pass your NCLEX and the same thing goes if you don't pass the Hesi. It can't predict what the outcome for your NCLEX will be. I'm not saying not to work on the areas that you are weak in, I don't agree with these educational programs that withhold a student's diploma/degree for a test that holds no weight. Instead of helping you the Hesi is killing a lot of students and it's not fair. Think about it you have gone through Hell to graduation and your entire future is based on a test that doesn't give you a license to practice. Oh, by the way, did I mention that we have to pay $35.00 each time we have to take the Hesi and each time they change to a different version of the test.
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  7. by   maxamillion
    i agree, it is a big fat load. it's a way schools are using to make their NCLEX pass/fail look good. if you don't pass hesi you never get to take the NCLEX. it's all to make the school look good, see UALR.
  8. by   LPN2RNdude
    in my RN program we HAD to make 850 (after 2 trys) or we had to repeat the next semester.... at least every semester we had 1 or 2 who couldnt pass it and were set back.... i always made a score in the higher 1000's (conversion score of 99 percent) but could never get 100 percent. and i believe it is a very good tool for NCLEX success rates... i made the NCLEX on the first try and it shut off on the minimum (i think my 7 years as an LPN in various settings helped out a LOT. the key t the HESI, for me, was to visualize myself in the situation and pick what i would do first..... u cant go wrong with that technique.... good luck !!!