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Hey, I thought I would take Thrashej's advice and start a new thread.....I know we have some people that are also starting out at PC in the spring so I titled it "Spring Starters"...... Is there... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom64
    Quote from Calzonan
    Hey all, hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!! I finally ordered my books!!!! After much debate about whether or not to wait until the end of December to order them (and delay my finance charge a little longer), but I figured I'd need to get a jump start on my reading so I went ahead. Should have them by next week, delivered to my doorstep, yiha. Only $705!!!! I can't believe they cost soooo much!!! Also, I wanted to let all you GCC students out there know that our schedules are now posted online!!! I got all the classes I wanted and the teacher I wanted :wink2: Problem is they've got some major additional costs for the nursing courses, did you guys get the same thing? My friend going to MCC was just charged $50 or so additional cost for nursing classes, my invoice says $158 additional for nursing classes. Why doesn't Maricopa charge the same across the board? Wow, all this and I still have to get my scrubs, steth (hopefully a xmas present) etc. Speaking of, Mary, where did you say you got your roller backpack thing? I need to get one of those too
    Well, I'm supposed to be studying and cleaning, but I'd much rather chat with all of you...but I guess I better get back.

    Hi Keli,
    I bought my backpack at the Samsonite outlet store at Power and Baseline. It was less than 40.00 plus they warranty it. Also, their backpacks hav rollerblade wheels which makes it pretty quiet!

    I bet you're excited about getting your books! I have all but 3 (which hopefully may come today.) I haven't been able to "play" with them yet though, I have too much going on in Patho and Math.

    I can't believe you are paying so much in fees....Geesh, you're in the part time program, you should be paying less!

    DH is on vactaion this week so i think I'll bring him to SmartScrubs to give him some Xmas present ideas. I picked up a cute Timex for 12.99 at Target yesterday for clinicals....It has a white face, big numbers, second hand, and it glows in the dark. It also has an expandable band so i won't have to remove it when I wash my hands, I can just push it up to my elbow.....

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. by   plchavard
    I'm now a spring starter:hatparty:
    I'm online at Rio!!
    Where is everyone getting their books from? efollet is looking to be an arm and a leg!! I'd be forever thankful to anyone who wants to share their ISBN #'s.
  3. by   Calzonan RN
    Thanks Mary. I'm going to call Monday and see what's up with the extra fees. I got one of those cute Timex's for CNA class and it worked great!!! Plus all the residents liked it 'cause it had a little flower that went around in place of the seconds hand, they all got a kick out of it.

    BSN hopeful, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! When did you apply and what was your date/time stamp (just for my own info). If you want to pm me with your email address I'll email you the info Mary emailed me with all the ISBN numbers on them. Also, I found Barnes and Noble to be the cheapest I could find. Free shipping, no tax, and if you're a member you get 10% off. A lot of the books came packaged with the workbooks too, so extra savings.
  4. by   Lisa CCU RN
    University of Memphis starting January the 10th!:hatparty:
  5. by   nursewannab
    I would be sooooo forever grateful if any of you guys would also email me those ISBN numbers.
  6. by   mattsmom64
    Quote from nursewannab
    I would be sooooo forever grateful if any of you guys would also email me those ISBN numbers.

    Here are some of the isbn#'s....before you order anything you should double check efollet.com to make sure that these books are being used by Rio. Not all of the schools are using the same books....


    It's really easy to get the isbn #'s...just go to efollet.com, select your school, semester, class, and section #. The book list for that class will come up. Once you get all of your titles/authors, go to barnesandnoble.com and do a title search. Just make sure that you are ordering the right edition! I hope this helps!

  7. by   nursewannab
    Mary thanks so much! This will really help. Starting in the spring in the SCC/PVCC Scottsdale Healthcare accelerated program. Have a book list, hopefully most of the programs are using the same books. Thanks again.
  8. by   mattsmom64
    You're welcome Mia! I don't know why I thought you were at Rio! Does SHC provide you with your books? A friend of mine was in the Banner program and she said they received all of their books at orientation.....If SHC doesn't then you'll definitely want to check out Barnesandnoble.com. In cae you haven't seen it in this thread, for a 25.00 yearly membership fee you get 10% off all purchases and if you purchase online you get free shipping and no sales tax! A one year membership will cover 3 semesters worth of books........
  9. by   nursewannab
    Do you think Barnes and Noble is better than Amazon or some of the other websites I've seen that offer discount textbooks?
  10. by   nursewannab
    Just went thru my list of required books and compared to the list of ISBN's you guys sent me. Looks like my program is only using about 5 of those books. Using totally different books for NUR167 and NUR169. Guess different schools are using different books. Helps to have the ISBN's for the five I do need so thanks again Mary and Keli.
  11. by   mattsmom64
    Quote from nursewannab
    Do you think Barnes and Noble is better than Amazon or some of the other websites I've seen that offer discount textbooks?

    I've found that with the free shipping and no sales tax that B&N had the best price. I've seen some books really cheap on amazon, ebay, or half.com, but then the shipper charges 17.00 or some other crazy price for shipping. I did order 3 books off of overstock.com that were pretty cheap. However, 2 never arrived and 1 arrived damaged. I'm still waiting for them to resolve the issue. It's frustrating when you can't walk into a store and talk to someone when you have a customer service issue.....Now I'm kicking myself for not buying those books at B&N (after taxes and shipping overstock was about 5.00 cheaper).......

    I'm also leery about buying anything used. Now, all of the books come with cd's, access codes etc....Soemtimes you don't get that with a used book and you end up spending extra money on those things because you need them. I learned that the hard way with my algebra book. After buying the used book and spendingthe money for the access code I could have had a new book.....

    just my
  12. by   Calzonan RN
    Well my books got here yesterday. A little intimidating seeing them all together All in all B&N did a great job, it only took less than a week for them to get here and they're all in great condition!!
    I went by the school on Thurs to take care of some things and ran into a bunch of block II students. They were all telling me to get out while I can, and now this thread from Thrashej, I'm starting to get a little nervous again. I stopped by the lab because we have to have a one-on-one appointment with someone to turn in our fingerprint cards etc., and the lady that does the interviews listed off everything I need and then said if you miss this appt you'll be dropped from the program. Talk about making me even more nervous. I'm sure I won't miss it because I have my math class there on that day, but just the thought, can you imagine? All this and you miss an appt and you're dropped, ughh.
    On a brighter note, I found a really great roller backpack/briefcase at Costco!! It's a Swiss ARmy one and it has all sorts of room for all these books I just got. So anyone looking for a roller backpack, check it out. I think it was $69 and it came with an additional bag.
    I've got my FON final on Tues, yuck. I'll be really mad if they really get rid of that as a co-req after my struggles through that class. It was wayyyyy more work than it needed to be. I guess I better get to it. At least the teacher provided a pretty good study guide...that'll help.
  13. by   mattsmom64
    Hi Keli,
    Congratulations on getting your books! It makes it seem more "real" doesn't it?

    It's only natural to be a little nervous. However, remember that everyone's situation and outlook is different. I take Patho with a bunch of Block 2 girls. Half claim it's really hard and half claim that it's easy if you have good time management skills.....We'll have a better idea on how things will go once we get started. One plus that we have is that we aren't working. I don't think I would be able to handle it if I was working 30-40 hours a week.....

    Welcome to the "rolling backpack club" lol!