Should I volunteer?

  1. I'm thinking about volunteering at one of the hospitals in the Phoenix area while I'm taking my pre reqs just so I feel like I have SOME kind of experience in a hospital. I've wanted to be an RN forever, but I've never really spent much time in a hospital for any reason. I want some kind of exposure to the hospital atmosphere while I'm working toward my degree. Would being a volunteer give me valuable experience when it comes to actually being a nurse? Are there hospitals that are "better" to volunteer at? Any advice would help. Thanks!
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  3. by   Irene_ma7000
    Greetings from the East Coast area, in response to your question
    I would say Yes, DO it !!, first what part of Arizona, I'm kinda
    partial to this area, I'm a native of Phoenix Arizona, I volunteered
    at Phoenix Memorial Hospital way back in the day as a candy striper
    a volunteer that cheers up patients after high school worked at PMH in Medical Records, in document control I, DOC II, DOC III on to Supervisor, then I decided to go to Medical School, professional volunteer will build character, I still do professional volunteering you will get unbelievable training, after Med school I actual got a paid internship at the Phoenix Indian Hospital in the OBGYN working with the new babies because of my volunteer experience, Ive volunteered and received Hospice training,volunteer at Seattle Community Law became a Law advocate for seniors, worked years as a CNA, then on to a certified Medical Assistant, Case management, Consultant, ect. In Seattle I volunteered on the Crusie line,Art & theater, volunteered for the American Medical Association, It will make you well rounded. Here 's the thing Ive been on the east coast for about three months
    I have already been asked to volunteer in a major hospital in the emergency
    wing, when there is a opening quess who is going to get first pick?
    Im furthering my medical education right now, the thing to remember is not to spread your self too thin pick the field of your interest and go for it
    The thing to remember is time mangement if you can spare this time,
    and here one more thing, some of the Medical places in Arizona closed
    or the physicans moved on , with volunteering you will always have a great references and letters of recommendations, with volunteering you kinda get to test drive the occupation
    Good Luck!
    and good character
  4. by   boomerfriend
    I'm currently volunteering at Banner and really enjoy it. I would highly recommend volunteering for the experience. It has given me the confidence that I lacked when working in the hospital. I now know all the basic, otherwise dumb stuff that would hang up a new nursing student. For instance, how to raise & lower beds, how to move beds, how to collapse a wheelchair, how to maneuver a patient in a wheelchair without bashing their goes on and on. I've been at it for three months now and am just feeling comfortable. I follow the CNAs and RNs around and offer help when transport arrives delivering patients. I help move patients, assist in bed baths and make beds. It's all a learning experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I really look forward to the time I spend there. Incidentally, I work on a Med-Surg floor so we see all ages and types of cases. I'm going to continue volunteering until I start school in January.

    A word of caution though. The volunteer process is long and arduous. It's not for the faint of heart. It took a good month to get all the paperwork and stuff done to pass their muster. Good luck. You won't regret the experiences that you receive.
  5. by   MsBruiser
    Why not take a CNA class? Volunteering is a great but CNA has really given me a feel for all aspects of patient care. The CNA req is going away as a pre-req but it still can't hurt to have it...
  6. by   boomerfriend
    I agree with Stopnik. The CNA class is a great way to get your feet wet. I like volunteering because I'm not tied to exact hours like a job. However, there are many skills that I learned in the CNA class that I cannot use as a volunteer.
  7. by   MsBruiser
    Put it this way - I knew within 1 hour of my first CNA clinical if nursing was the right choice for me. It was, fortunately...
  8. by   Jessy_RN
    Volunteering is great and getting your CNA is too. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  9. by   PhoenixGirl
    My vote is also for CNA. You can find a facility that will train you for free and work there. It teaches you basic body mechanics, basic patient care, and you get hands on experience. Plus, you get paid. And working pool you can get a bit more money. That is what I've been doing anyway!

  10. by   MsBruiser
    PhoenixGirl! Where is a good place to do pool? How much do they pay? Is it hard to get pool hours? Please tell me a bit about this as I am interested in pool work...Thanks!
  11. by   PhoenixGirl
    Quote from Stopnik
    PhoenixGirl! Where is a good place to do pool? How much do they pay? Is it hard to get pool hours? Please tell me a bit about this as I am interested in pool work...Thanks!
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  12. by   rica75
    I have been a volunteer at PV Hospital for quite some time, it's a great place! And while working there, I found out about their nursing program. I am going to obtain my CNA in the summer, and get hired on there. They will not only pay for my scooling, but they put your work schedule around your school schedule so you can go to school, work, and still have a life! I'm sure every hospital has their own program similar to this.... so go talk to a recruter. Volunteering is a great way to meet the staff under the friendliest of terms! You get treated very well by all the staff! At PV we got one free meal a day... that's probibly standerd also!
    Good luck!
  13. by   boomerfriend
    Hey, I don't get a free meal at Banner Desert!!! I only get a lousy 10% off my meal. I'm gonna complain....:uhoh21: