Rio Salado students-- newbie question

  1. Hi! I just enrolled in Bio 156 at Rio and I'm confused . . . my class starts on Sunday. Maybe more things will appear on my personal Rio page by then. I have a lab kit but no lab manual. Do I need one? Is it something that becomes available on-line once the class starts? Thanks!
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  3. by   AZmom
    I took Chem through Rio. Lab kit was mailed to me and there was no lab manual. Instead the syllabus for the Lab portion contained instructions, 2-5 pages for most labs.

    If you've already received your lab kit, you should be able to log into your course already. Just one word of caution -- careful what you click. Read the syllabus first, and any emails from your instructor. Some of the links are only valid for x amount of time, meaning once you click you've got 24 hours to complete an assignment/test or in some cases you'll get a timed test to be taken right then and there. That, to me, was the freakiest part of taking their online class -- fear of the click.
  4. by   Valdes
    Great... now I can count on "fear the click"

    I'm taking English 101, Math 120, Spanish 101 & medical terms... ALL ON-LINE through Phoenix College. Thanks for the heads up though, I would have never expected ANY of the things you mentioned.
  5. by   qaqueen
    I took BIO 156,181,201 & 202 online at RIO. Currently taking BIO205. As mentioned, watch what you click, and dont assume that the classes will be easy because they are online.

    Good Luck
  6. by   AmericanChai
    Thanks so much for the advice!

    You would not believe it, the teacher I have is my Bio teacher in high school, from 17 years ago! What are the chances of that?

    I see what you mean about the Submit button for quizzes. Thanks for the warning.

    I did end up figuring out the labs are on-line under "Lessons". The class is a lot more time-consuming than I expected, but I enjoy owning my own time. It's nice to not have to rush to class and coordinate kid care and all that. I just end up staying up until midnight instead.
  7. by   codebrown
    A lot of people don't know this, but there are some nursing schools in Cali that WILL accept Rio's online sciences. My school was a pain in the butt, but they did finally accept them.

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