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  1. Hi,
    I was hoping that anybody who took their pre-nursing classes via online Rio Salado could share their opinions on how they liked the classes. I am taking BIO156 and PSY101 right now through RIO and the BIO156 is a KILLER. Is this the toughest class to take online? Are there others that are worse online or just as bad? If there are please let me know and I'll take them in a class room.
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  3. by   msiegel
    I took BIO 156, CHM 130, and BIO 201 online through Rio. I found BIO 156 to be a lot of work but "doable". CHM 130 was not as much work, no essays just labs, quizes, and questions to answer instead of essays. BIO 201 was the hardest class so far, the 2nd half was tough. I really liked the flexibility to study and complete my work when I had the time. I only took 1 class at a time due to other commitments. Good Luck with your pre-nursing classes. :spin:
  4. by   nnicolee
    Hey Golgi, I understand you're taking the courses online and they must be really tough, but one thing I've noticed and read a lot about Rio from here online @ ALLNURSES is that Rio-Salado has one of the toughest (if not the TOUGHEST) science courses to take online. If I was in your predicament I would really recommend checking out Central Arizona College (they offer online bio courses during the summer that are 6 weeks long) and during regular semester you can choose either an 8 week or 16 week one. I am going to start my online 8 week bio classes with them (Bio 201 & 202) in the fall and I will keep you posted on how hard/easy they are. I'm trying to get my pre-reqs like you so keep in touch, it's good to know there's other people trying for their degrees like you and I stay positive it will all be worth it in the end!
  5. by   LG1137
    I dropped bio 156. It was a lot of work, I was getting an A just before the midterm, but I wasn't really learning enough. I'm enrolled to take it in the classroom in the fall.

    Psy 240 was a joke. Maybe 30 minuted of work per week, got a 98% overall in the class, didn't learn much at all either. It was too easy to figure out how to ace the quizzes without reading.

    Overall, I was not impresses with online learning. Luckily I will have the luxury of time the next few years to go the the classroom.

    Good luck.
  6. by   BSN_BOUND
    May I recommend the following:
    Phoenix College has a great online BIO 201 & 202 program. It's fairly new but it's great!
  7. by   mscardiacnurse
    I took BIO 201, 202, PSY101, ENG101, PSY 230 all through Rio. I have to say I worked twice as hard in the science classes online than I did in my BIO205 and CHM 130 that I took in person. You are pretty much on your own. You can submit questions to your instructor, but it usually takes 24-48 hours to get a response. I do have to say it taught me to do my research and be thorough. The midterms and finals were extremely hard, I had A's on all of my homework and quizzes, but got C's on both tests. Leaving me with a B. In person, I feel like I could have gotten an A no problem. Good luck whatever you decide!
  8. by   TinkRN8
    I agree with the other posters, science classes at RIO are insane! I took all of my pre-req's through RIO. If I had to do it all over again, I would take 201 and 202 through CAC or Phoenix CC. Really, anywhere but RIO. The way they have those classes set up is not really beneficial to the student at all. Anyway, my .

    Good luck!
  9. by   DesertRN2
    I took all of my science classes (156, 201, 202, ) through RIO due to my schedule. They are tough but doable, i ended with C's which is not great but passing. You basically have to know all of the material on the midterms and finals, no real study guide and the essays can be a killer(4 essays out of a possible 20 topics). Good luck.
  10. by   sl4shd0t
    I did most of mine online at Rio. In the beginning it's hard but you will get used to it. And more confident after you pass classes. I accelerated bio 156 which was a huge mistake. I did it and passed but it was TOUGH. I remember crying the night before the final sure I wasn't going to even go because I was going to flunk anyway! My husband said "what do you have to loose?" and I went and passed. It was a good feeling.

    Follow the outline for essays exactly. I did this and was approached numerous times by instructors asking for permission to use my writing as examples for their classes. I am not a great writer (IMO) I just followed directions and had/cited good sources. Take the time to go over your notes every single day. IIRC (i did my pre-reqs like 5 years ago) there were often a few essay questions to choose from. Even though you don't write all of them, KNOW the answers for the ones you don't choose. Those essay questions come up on midterms/finals.

    Good luck.
  11. by   MTTMPE
    "Psy 240 was a joke. Maybe 30 minuted of work per week, got a 98% overall in the class, didn't learn much at all either. It was too easy to figure out how to ace the quizzes without reading."

    LG 1137 I was thinking about taking the course with rio too. I'm currently Fon 241. I though it would be to much work. So, it's not that diffcult? Can you send me a PM. I have some question to ask.
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  12. by   LG1137
    Just caught up on this thread - way late. I have received a few PM's but I need to post two more messages before the system will let me reply to PM's. So, here's one...
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  14. by   CateJohnson
    I am taking PSY 230 online at Rio now, is anyone else still taking it? Give me some advice? Also I just finished FON241, that class was fairly easy. Just have to remember what essay's she asked you to write about because they will be on the mid and final. If you would like I can help you on that class.