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Hi everyone, I am new to Phoenix and am interested in moving from EMT to RN (just an EMT-B so no Para bridge program) I see that all the MCC colleges have huge wait lists and am wondering what... Read More

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    Chamberlain is accredited. Look at the Arizona State Board of Nursing. No school- no matter where you go- will have a full approval until there is a graduating class. It is nothing against Chamberlain- you have to show you can graduate a class. If Chamberlain has been around for 120 years, I bet they have some graduating classes at their other locations. Chamberlain's first graduating class in Phoenix is set for next year...they opened in 2008 which would make sense that they have a graduating class two years later. Chamberlain is the best option in Phoenix because of length and cost. It is cheaper than Grand Canyon. By the way, Chamberlain's name has changed twice in 120 years.
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    Aye...are more salesman, I mean, school reresentatives getting on here and defending their schools again?
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    He he no. Just a proud accepted student.
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    Quote from nicolemsm
    Sorry if I'm late on replying to this post, but to the OP I would really be very leery of Chamberlain School of Nursing. As I stated in another post, not only does the Arizona Board of Nursing not recognize them as an accredited school of nursing nor does the state of Florida, Illinois and I don't remember what other state they have a location in, but in ALL states none of their boards recognize Chamberlain as accredited. There are also no results of their nclex pass rates online (other than what their website says which you should take with a grain of salt). Not trying to knock their program but for the cost i would really say GO TO AN ACCREDITED SCHOOL FOR THAT COST. If I were you, I would really look into GCU and completely disregard Chamberlain. Not only is GCU cheaper (by 20 or so thousand), but it regarded as a "better" school. Although GCU is seen as religious, YOU do not have to take any religious classes (which is a plus).

    I hate to discredit what you stated about Chamberlain's accreditation, but it IS accredited by both:

    NLNA and CCNE

    Here is the link from Arizona State Board of Nursing

    I am attending Chamberlain and the instructors are extremely highly educated. They all have numerous nursing degrees, including up to Nurse Practitioners.

    In Illinois, they are accredited by the same accreditation. Here is the link: Scroll down to Graduate Programs - Private

    Ohio has a conditional approval only because they are relatively new, but they ARE recognized there under the board of nursing. Here is the link:

    Missouri has FULL approval with the state board of nursing. Scroll down to page 9. Again, here is the link:

    And of course, the last one in Florida: FULL approval... The link: Page 3

    So please don't believe when people try to speak about something that is not true. If they were to take the time to do some research, they would quickly find that they were wrong.

    I absolutely LOVE Chamberlain and I wouldn't have changed for the world. There was about half my class that actually LEFT ASU, GCU, NAU, and UoA to come to Chamberlain!

    I would steer clear of University of Phoenix only due to their extremely low NCLEX scores. Less than 22%!!! And in 2008, there were only THREE takers!!! Here is the link to the latest NCLEX scores. Chamberlain is not on there because thier first class graduates this year to take their first test:

    Just keep in mind that it all depends on your individual style. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it!!!

    Being only a month in, I have already learned so much and have had quite a few papers to write! So far, carrying A's in every class!

    If you do a search from me, you will see what else I have said about Chamberlain.

    Research is a necessity when it comes to life!!!