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Hey everyone! I see there isn't a spring 2019 forum yet so I thought I'd make one for all that have applied. What schools did you guys apply to and with how many points? :) wishing good luck to... Read More

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    Can someone here tell me where the extra points are coming from? I see the points for the HESI A2 and a previous degree is 2 points on the Rubric. What do the points for the other universities mean? I have my BS from NAU and want to do the MSN program. Are the GPA points for specific classes or overall? Thanks in advance.
    Hi -

    If you're looking at the CEP rubric, the points are awarded based on the GPA you applied with. Each University has a different minimum GPA and your points awarded are based off your GPA aligned with which University you are applying to work with alongside your community college.

    For example, if you applied to NAU, their minimum GPA for acceptance is 3.0. If you have a 3.0 GPA, you will receive 2 points. If your GPA is 3.5, you would receive 6 points. However, if you applied to Ottawa, their minimum GPA is 2.5. So, if you have a 2.5 GPA you would receive 2 points, and if you have a 3.1 GPA you'd receive 6 points.

    Hence, the points are awarded based on your GPA for your particular University.

    Since you already have a BS from NAU, you will receive 2 points just for having the degree. You can also work out your points based of the HESI scores. I am assuming you are applying for NAU to do your MSN degree, so you can work out your points based of the GPA you are applying with.

    From my understanding, however, your GPA will be taken only from those classes that are required for application. So, for example, you will have a lot more credits due to your previous BS degree. I think (although I'm not 100% sure, you'll have to ask your advisor), that your GPA that will be used to work out the points will be based off those classes that are the pre- and co- requisites for the CEP course.

    The Maricopa colleges have their own set of pre- and co-requisites that you will have a GPA for, and the university you are applying to will have their own set of pre-reqs. The community colleges are the same regardless of which one you apply for. Each Uni will vary somewhat in their pre-reqs.

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    Yay ! I got accepted.

    20 points.

    Got the acceptance email earlier this week. And yesterday someone from ASU called to congratulate me and ask if I needed any assistance doing the ASU application. The adviser on the phone told me it's getting very competitive, so I'm happy and grateful to have been accepted.
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    Maricopa's nursing website has a ton of information and can answer just about every question you could have about admissions for both the ADN and the CEP BSN programs. Problem is, it's not an easy site to navigate and simply not user-friendly. Below are some links (all came from the Maricopa Nursing Website) to bring you right to specific info you may be after. (These requirements may change slightly in a month or so, I will update the post with current hyperlinks when the become available)

    Maricopa Nursing Website

    MaricopaNursing Programs | Academic & Student Affairs | Maricopa Community Colleges

    Maricopa ADN (Associates) Admission Requirements Page:

    Admission Requirements | Academic & Student Affairs | Maricopa Community Colleges

    Maricopa ADN Application Packet:

    Maricopa CEP (Concurrent Enrollment Program (BSN)) page:

    Concurrent Enrollment Programs (CEP) | Academic & Student Affairs | Maricopa Community Colleges

    ^^ The brochures from each university outline what the specific Pre/Co-requisites are required for admissions and which classes are considered for GPA calculation. (Ex. NAU requires the pre-req HCR 240 Human Pathophysiology. Whereas ASU, UIU, and OU do not.)

    CEP Admissions Rubric:

    ^This outlines exactly where the points are coming from when calculating your admissions score.

    CEP Application Packet:

    Using these links I have been able to accurately calculate my score for admissions. I spoke with the Nursing Advisor once just to be sure the info I had gathered was complete and accurate and she confirmed I was on the right track. Nursing is a popular major, the advisors often are overwhelmed and are slow to respond to questions through no fault of their own. Doing a little digging has paid off big for me and allowed me to stay on track with a thorough understanding of how the admissions process works. Hopefully, this will help those who are looking for the same info.
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    Hi everyone,
    I see that for the ASU/BEN CEP program people stated that they start their online classes first with the university. Does anyone know how it works for the GCU MSN CEP? I start January but haven't received any info. Also, I dont know what my schedule will look like so I'm hoping I'm able to work or if financial aid will even cover my housing if I can't work full time. Any advice or info is greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    Hi all! I got accepted into the school I wanted (CGC/ASU) 2/3 weeks into June. If I remember correctly I got 18pts. I will start my NUR block 1 courses in the Spring 19. I am also taking 2 courses in the Fall for ASU online - FAS 331 Seeley & TWC 361 Duff-Wilson. So If there is anyone taking the same courses and wants to connect with me let me know!

    If there is anyone that knows about any anticipated costs for this program that I should be aware about please let me know. I would love to plan ahead for any expenses. The only expenses that I know I will have to pay for soon are the FCC and the I believe the Background Check as well??

    I look forward to learning and growing with my cohort in the Spring!
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    Good luck to you all. I'm still trying to get my bearings together so that I can take MAT 142 so I can apply for the program. Seeing these acceptances is helping get me in the right mindset.
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    Hi, I am applying for gwcc evenings/ uiu for fall start. What do you think of the program so far? What's your schedule like?
    Thanks in advance for any information!
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    Hello All,
    I will be applying to MCC/UIU for Fall 2019. Does anyone have useful information about UIU and how it compares to ASU.
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    Quote from Ozed
    Hello All,
    I will be applying to MCC/UIU for Fall 2019. Does anyone have useful information about UIU and how it compares to ASU.
    Hi -

    From my understanding (although things may have changed), UIU is NOT part of the consortium agreement, and ASU is part. What that means to you is that, if you will be applying for a Pell Grant (federal student aid) then you will lose out on money by going with UIU.

    In a nutshell, when you apply for a Pell Grant you have to decide which place the grant gets paid to. Remember, you will be paying class fees to both MCC and to the university of your choice. Most people get their grant sent to the University because the cost per credit is higher. However, you will likely only be taking 3 (max 6) credits a semester with the University and 9 with MCC. Since both of these (6 or 9 credits) are not considered fulltime, your Pell Grant would be substantially lower. Hence, the consortium agreement is an agreement between the Uni and the CC to *combine* the credits (let's say 9 +3) to make you full-time in terms of the grant.

    The cost per credit with ASU is quite a bit higher though, so that is something to consider. Exact costs will be available on the CEP home page for you to review. They change (read: increase) every year usually.

    Each University has its own set of pre-reqs that must be completed prior to application. UIU and ASU will likely be different. Again, you'll have to check their specifics on the CEP page. Also, I would strongly suggest you consider some of the other options available, such as Ottawa or NAU - their cost per credit is lower for one thing.

    For more info:

    I'll be happy to answer more questions if I can, but this page should give you all the info you need.
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    I would like to ask if(there are any) there are other fees aside the ASU $435 per credit for the CEP program.
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    Thanks for the information....I will have to also look at ASU then...My concern about ASU is if there are other fees aside the $435 per credit hour.