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  1. Maricopa Advanced Placement LPN to RN

    I scored 1101
  2. WGU vs Aspen University

    Am I reading this right...you finished the MSN in four months? How did you do it!! I have a BS in another field but am looking into an MSN.
  3. Aspen University

    Hi, I’m curious what MSN program you chose. I am looking to start an MSN in January but I was worried about Aspens accreditation.
  4. Maricopa Advanced Placement LPN to RN

    Hi. I scored 1101 on the HESI PN.
  5. Maricopa Advanced Placement LPN to RN

    How long did you wait to get placed? I applied on June 10th. Same day I took my HESI PN.
  6. Maricopa Advanced Placement LPN to RN

    Wow!!! You got in Fast!!!! My application is date stamped June 10th. I put three schools down. I really want the night/weekend option at GWCC, but I’d take other placement.
  7. Maricopa Advanced Placement LPN to RN

    The first thing I would do is meet with an advisor. I went to school out of state so I may have some different requirements than you. I had to take a mental health bridge, pharmacology and IV certification class. I also had to take the HESI PN. I...
  8. Hi everyone, I just took my HESI PN and applied yesterday with Maricopa Nursing for advanced placement into Block 3. There isn’t a lot of info out there about getting in. Most of it is about traditional placement and I hear “oh, advanced placement ...
  9. Maricopa County -GCU MSN CEP

    So late to reply...but did you ever follow this route?
  10. Maricopa CEP Spring 2019

  11. Maricopa CEP Spring 2019

    Can someone here tell me where the extra points are coming from? I see the points for the HESI A2 and a previous degree is 2 points on the Rubric. What do the points for the other universities mean? I have my BS from NAU and want to do the MSN prog...