Just recieved my acceptance letter from Pima Community College!

  1. I just received my acceptance letter from Pima community College with a start date of spring 2016! I'm excited, but that's a long wait! Wow, all my friends that applied just one semester ahead of me went on a three year wait list.
    Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knows how long students are actually waiting. Also, is there anything I should do to get ready in the meantime? I'm finishing my support courses now.

    Anyone else apply to pima community college lately?
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  3. by   rocketberger
    CONGRATULATIONS to you!! but 2016?? seriously?? im gonna die waiting for that long.. well anyways have you tried applying to different CC near your area that has no waitlist?? cause 4 years seems to long.
  4. by   Danielle28
    Thank you! Pima Community College was my #1 plan, but 4 years is outrageous. I think I may look into Grand Canyon University. Does anyone know anything about GCU?
  5. by   lovelyb26
    congrats but that is sooo far away! you could have a bsn by then!! you could put a child through college and they find a job by then. lol do you have any other options?
  6. by   danaznasm
    Wow.I checked that out and decided to look elsewhere. If you have the GPA and can score well on the HESI check out Chamberlain in Phoenix. I applied in December got accepted for the Feb 27 start date.
  7. by   prettymica
    congrats! I hope they speed up your wait time
  8. by   Staragate
    Count on at least half that time.
  9. by   itsajob
    The projected wait is usually longer then the actually time you'll get it. You will likely get in within two years. But there's no telling. Things happens, cutbacks, strikes, etc... Do take a hard look into what you "really" want to do work wise. While there are some positives about being a nurse (decent income, stability, and flexibility), there are a few major negatives too. HUGE stress and responsibility (way more than most jobs paying the about same amount). Sure, $30/hr or so is plenty enough to live on, but there're many careers that pay around the same, yet are much, much less stressful. And instead of waiting two to fours years, to even get into a program, you can earn a solid degree and already be working in potentially great field (and again, a field with a whole lot less stress and mind-bending responsibility). Just saying...
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