Grand Canyon vs. ASU - nursing school?

  1. Hi all -
    Did any of you got to Grand Canyon University or ASU for your BSN?
    Which do you think is better?

    I'm moving back to AZ (grew up there & miss it!) and considering going back for my BSN (second degree).
    Any thoughts on phoenix BSN schools? I know that ASU doesn't technically have a second degree BSN program, but was thinking I could just re-enroll as an undergrad and go from there...

    any insights would be great!
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  3. by   kirs
    I'm moving back to AZ too, because I'm from there and I miss home, and I am also applying to both ASU and GCU. Crazy that there is more than one of me! :spin:Where are you moving from? I'm coming from Sacramento, CA.

    Have you gotten into either yet?
  4. by   MissBehavin

    Have you guys started any program yet?

    I am finishing up at GCU. I felt more like a student then a number there, which is funny since GCU has more nursing slots than ASU. I have heard the programs are really similar. It is a personal choice, but I am really happy with my decision to do the Fast-track St. Joes GCU program.

    Good luck, let me know how it goes
  5. by   MsBruiser
    If money is no object - go with the program that admits you first. ASU is cheaper. I would not invest a lot of money in a nursing degree - the payout just is not there.
  6. by   lovensoccer3
    I am currently in the program at GCU and really like it.. It is good program
  7. by   dreamer81
    Is it just as hard or competitive to get into GCU as it is ASU?? Or if I'm done with all my pre-reqs would i pretty much be guaranteed a spot?
  8. by   playnfavorites
    How many days a week and what hours of the day do you go for the GCU fast program?
  9. by   MissBehavin
    Quote from playnfavorites
    How many days a week and what hours of the day do you go for the GCU fast program?
    It changes each semester usually 3-4 days on campus including clinical. To break it down it is usually one or two days of class 4-8hrs (rarely is it 8 hours) each. One to two days of clinical usually one twelve or 2 eights. Most classes are 8 weeks, so you only take 1-2 classes at a time. After completion of the second level (of five) the pace begins to slow. For level 5 we have one day class (5 hours) and 2 12hour clinicals.

    To be more specific about 40% of the classes are done in the first 2 weeks of the semester, before clinicals start. You will go to class 3-4 days for those first weeks. When clinical starts it cuts to 1-2 days of class plus the 1-2 days of clinical.
    They do try hard to keep the days the same throughout the program, or at least give you ample notice if the days will be changing.
  10. by   Mama2grlz
    Are you able to work? If not, what kind of financial aid is available?
  11. by   Magriff3
    Grand Canyon University ONLINE.
    Is anyone doing the
    RN-BSN online program at GCU? If so, how is it going?
  12. by   RNGrad2006
    Magriff 3,

    I am doing the Grand Canyon RN to BSN program and have really enjoyed my learning experience. I have 2 classes left so can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I like doing it online since I work 12 hour shifts and didnt want to commit to more time away from family and can that way just work on my classes on my own time line as opposed to a set schedule. If you want more specifics just PM me.