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MissBehavin specializes in Telemetry, ER, Trauma ICU.

BSN May 2009, while working as an Nurse Extern at a level one trauma hospital.

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  1. MissBehavin

    From BSN to MD?

    It is not unheard of but...... MOST medical schools see a BSN or nursing background and are NOT impressed. I have 2 friends that went this route. You are considered a "non-traditional student" (which means you will have to work twice as hard, and have better grades then the "traditional" candidates. Oddly enough you do not have to major in Biology or Chemistry, most prefer a Liberal Arts degree (with killer grades in upper level chemistry and physics, and shadowing a doctor or volunteer work). When my friend (a BSN with about 5 years experience, and a 4.0 science gpa) went on her interviews for medical schools. The FIRST question they always asked is "why are you considering a career change?". They dont see nursing as linked to medicine (very sad, but true). They also are very aware of the "nursing shortage" and do not want to take nurses from a field, that they feel is under staffed and needed. She was accepted to one in the end, but she had to work twice as hard. I do know that DO schools prefer someone with a medical background of any kind. They can compete for the same residencies as the MD's, along with having a few just for DO's. A DO is in every way equivilent to an MD the training is just a little different (more holistic/focus on the total person). I am doing a BSN to MSN (ACNP) route myself, after heavy consideration of medical school. I think that since DO's have a more holistic view, if I were to have gone to medical school, it would have been the DO route. Ask yourself "why am I drawn to nursing?" For me it was the patients, I like spending more time with them, educating them, and getting to know them a little better. That is why I decided to become a nurse practitioner, I still get to be a nurse, and have the autonomy I wanted. GOOD LUCK and Best wishes whatever you choice is :)
  2. MissBehavin

    Age you will/were graduated?

    I was 23 for my BSN. ( should have been 21 with my ADN but had to stop due to heart problems). I will be 25 with my MSN :)
  3. MissBehavin

    Is there a feeling of entitlment among new grads?

    I think perhaps it was more SHOCK, if you started nursing school 2-4 years ago (heck even a 1 year ago) there were so many jobs, hospitals were recruiting, there were sign on bonuses. Everyone heard stories of people going to a hospital, saying they were a RN and basically being handed a job (not really true, but everyone has heard the story). Many people go into nursing as their second career because of the job stability. I know several people who worked really hard and externed in hospitals (where they are under contract to work for "x" amount of years) that were let go after finishing nursing school, because the hospital couldn't afford to hire 20+ nurses. I think it is just a shock that when they started all they heard was "nursing shortage" and now new grads can look for 6 months before finding a job. It shows the sad state of the economy more than anything.
  4. MissBehavin

    new grad options

    At my hospital they prefer new grads in Critical Care to nurses with only floor experience. This is because they can groom new grads to do things the way they want them done, where as other nurses have developed bad habits, and their own way of doing things (quote from neuro ICU manager, not personal opinion). Not all new grads are cut out for critical care, but my hospital lets them at least try, and are given a LONG trial/preceptorship. There is no better a place to learn how to prioritize than critical care. If you really want a job in critical care go for it, study hard, and if you have to complete a senior practicum or preceptorship try for an ICU spot (or perhaps extern/intern in a ICU). I completed my practicum in Trauma ICU at a level one trauma hospital.
  5. MissBehavin

    Community Colleges/vanderbilt/nashville?

    I took ALL my nursing pre-reqs at a community college, a lot online. Then got my BSN at a university. I start at Vandy in the fall. As long as your GPA/GRE are competitive they dont care where/how u took it.
  6. MissBehavin

    Any Vandy Students Here?

    I start the ACNP program (I already have my BSN) in the fall as well. CONGRATS, sorry I have no words of wisdom yet. :)
  7. Hi I am starting Vandy in the fall for my ACNP. One of the reasons I applied there is that I loved the sub-specialties they offered. But now I am torn between Trauma and cardiac surgery, and would love some input. FYI; I also would like to first assist later in my career. Heres some info about me... I do not have a lot of experience in trauma (basically my practicum in TICU (which I loved), and about four months (part-time) in a level one trauma ER (with no trauma rotation )). But I am a total adrenaline junkie and I love critical, coding, get your hands dirty patients. Even the words blunt force trauma and mechanism of injury get my heart racing. I think I would enjoy this area because I work better under pressure, and I love to critically think, and want hands on automomy. I have heard that a lot of trauma NPs are not part of the initial resuscitation and stabilization (which would make me sad, but I really enjoy critical care as well). Now for cardiac surgery, I have a lot more expreience in this area. In 2006 I had to have emergent open heart surgery for a golf ball size clot in my right atrium (which lead to a pulmonary embolectomy and large PFO closure). Since then I have had a bond with cardiac surgery patients. I was a nurse extern for a year on a thoracic telemetry unit and have a pretty large knowledge base in this field. Most of all my patients are always so thankful because I take the time to explain what they will feel, see ect. after the surgery. I am honest about the recovery, pain and emotions. I never tell them my full story (I dont feel that is professional) but I tell them i have been there and understand (they usually ask, since you can see my scar and medical alert necklace in scrubs). I do feel as though I can make a difference in these patients lives. So I guess I am looking for opinions, input on what you think I should consider. Plus the following.. Are you happy in your fields? Which do you think has a better outlook and more jobs trauma or cardiac surgery? Does the adrenaline of trauma wear off? Can ACNP (with a RNFA) assist in trauma surgery? What are your hours, pay, and burn out rates? Has anyone gone to vandy for these (what was your experience in your specialty)? and if u went to vandy is it possible to split your time in 2 specialty areas (or will that make you unable to practice in either)? Lastly, I do not believe there is a trauma NP cert, is there one for Cardiac surgery? Thank you all so much
  8. MissBehavin

    What to specialize in??

    At vandy both the ACNP and Adult NP programs have HIV subspecialty routes (however they recommend that you do the adult NP program so you are treating out in the community). If you want to do peds right off the bat too, you should prob go the FNP route and let the program know you would like to do clincal time in HIV/AIDS. GOOD LUCK :)
  9. MissBehavin

    May 2009 Graduates!!! Do you have a job yet?

    I worked for 1.5 years at a level one trauma hospital in AZ. ( I had great reviews the whole time). I applied to 5 units, and not even an interview. 800 bed hosptial- 20 job openings (which is good, other hospitals have hiring freeze)-30 externs-20 students trained on campus= no jobs. I am moving out of state.
  10. MissBehavin

    ACNP or CRNA for Extremely Driven?!

    """Sorry, can't give you a CRNA perspective cause I am not in that profession. However, I've not heard of states that give CRNA's a NP license as well. That does not mean that it's not happening, I just am not aware of it. I am aware of advanced practice nurses who carry both ACNP and CRNA credentials. There is a program somewhere in the south (I forgot exactly which one) where ACNP students are guaranteed admission to the school's CRNA program after completing their ACNP.""" The program in the south is Vanderbilt. They work with MTSA (middle tennessee school of anesthesia), however it is NOT guaranteed admission. 2 of the ACNP classes ( I believe they are Patho classes) are taught by a prof. who teaches at MTSA. (His classes are supposed to be very intense, but very worth it). If you graduate from Vandy with your ACNP AND do well in his class, you can get a priority interview at MTSA.
  11. MissBehavin

    Emergency Room NPs?

    The movement is now toward acnps. Arizona was the first to pass regulations about who can work in the hospital-er setting. However acnp can not treat peds so programs like vandys joint acnp-fnp is gaining intrest since you get both certs.
  12. MissBehavin

    Jobs W least amount of needles and blood.

    Even if she does go into an area of nursing without a lot of blood/needles, she would still have to make it through school with A LOT of the above mentioned. Perhaps Psych nursing, primary care physicians office (the MA's do most of the injections), School nursing (however u see a lot of blood in the form of bloody noses and small accidents), she could do healthcare admin (with an RN degree), legal consulting, tele nursing, nurse recruiting. The options really are endless, but that depends just how much she cannot stand blood. Their is a difference between I cant see a trauma pt and I cant draw my own Labs. Although their is a lot of stuff I didn't think I would do well with, and I managed through and that stuff barely effects me now. :)
  13. MissBehavin

    Starting a website

    If u wanna do it, go for it. *build it and they shall come* :) You can get some great ideas from blogs that sound similar. Try looking at the happy hospitalist, panda bear MD and nurse K (and other er and nurse related blogs) on blogspot.com. Good luck!
  14. MissBehavin

    Vandy Open house Feb. 2009

    It was great :) I got my acceptance letter the night before the open house, so I wasn't so nervous. I was very impressed with the professors, they are very approachable. For such a large school, they really made it seem intimate and made time for individual questions. We were given time to talk with current students, and the school encouraged them to be VERY honest. They talked openly about the heavy workload the first semester, trying to have time for family, working versus not working during the program, and of course paying for tuition. I really appreciated the school allowing time for us to do this. The dean was vey open and funny, not so rigid like deans at other schools I have visited. It seems like the school of nursing is a big family. They were very open that their program is expensive, but work hard to help you find ways to pay for it. Going to the open house assured me that I made the right decision for me. Not to mention that the campus is beautiful, and I love the Nashville area.
  15. MissBehavin

    US News Rankings

    Just a side note. Some programs like VANDY accelerate their masters NP programs. Most of their NP programs are about 43K for the year (and your done). Some state schools are cheaper, but when you add up the expenses of going 2 years it comes to about the same amount. Just a thought. Good luck wherever u all decide to attend.
  16. MissBehavin

    A thread for those awaiting decisions...

    I got into Vandys ACNP program I found out on friday which was great because I was already in Nashville for the Vandy open house, which was the next morning. I am very excited, I am moving to Nashville in May.