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Verah interesting........ Looks to me like it's a separate application process. Don't know what the wait list is like for it, but for those of you on the waitlist for the RN program, it might... Read More

  1. by   Glina
    I am at work and if I get fired, guess who is to blame.
  2. by   boru
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    and what is even funnier, i brought my poor husband as body guard with me. i did not want to wait alone close to van buren st at 2 am hahaha. poor guy left when i got into the building at 6 am. he sat me safely at the floor in front of the room 2176, brought me some water and banana and he left. can you imagine how mad he was when i later told him they did not accept my app because of the tb test.
    glina for pres!... and mr. glina sounds like he'll make a fine "first man"!

    gateway is not somewhere i'd like to hang outside at all night... it just shows you how ridiculous this nursing school thing has become.
  3. by   sassiebaz
    Quote from Glina
  4. by   Glina
    I know. It is turning us into freaks :wink2:
  5. by   sassiebaz
    I gotta get outta the house......LOL
  6. by   Lizzyru
    Just curious where all of you went for your CNA program as I am seriously considering this route while I wait to get into NS.

    Good luck on LPN program!
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  7. by   vdaniels
    I am currently in the CNA program at RSAA in Mesa. They have several different schedules, so you can usually find one that fits your life. The cost is $850.00 and includes everything you need. Hope that helps.
  8. by   AZMOMO2
    I took mine at Central AZ College it cost me $426.00 = 6 credits at $71 each unit.
  9. by   TinkRN8
    Is Gateway the only option for LPN? I see the program is offered at MCC, et all. If you do the LPN through one of the other MCCD colleges, are you still able to apply to the advanced placement in block 3 when you are finished? Also, if you do the LPN at EVIT are you eligible to apply for advanced placement?

    Hopefully someone knows, as websites for the colleges and nursing program aren't any help at all.

    Also, do you still need your CNA to get into one of the LPN programs. DIdn't see it as a pre-req anymore on any of the websites.

  10. by   Glina
    For Gateway, you do need to have your CNA.

    I was wondering about HESI once you complete LPN at you have to take that test if for block 3? Does anybody know?

  11. by   AZMOMO2
    Didn't the MCC programs drop the LPN exit option as a part of their RN program?
  12. by   2ndxstudent
    The LPN Fast Track at gateway requires you to take the HESI and Net. I called today and spoke to an advisor. She also said there was a year and a half wait to get into the LPN program.
  13. by   Knit1Purl2
    Quote from 2ndxstudent
    the lpn fast track at gateway requires you to take the hesi and net. i called today and spoke to an advisor. she also said there was a year and a half wait to get into the lpn program.
    a year and a half?!!! my goodness!!! so what does one do for a year and a half with all of the prerequesites done? waiting to get into nursing or lpn school, what other promising field is there? i feel like i am delusional, running here and there, checking time stamps, depressed over being passed over once again.....

    suggestions anyone?