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Verah interesting........ Looks to me like it's a separate application process. Don't know what the wait list is like for it, but for those of you on the waitlist for the RN program, it might... Read More

  1. by   miteacher
    Quote from AZMOMO2
    My class was the last block to have IV separate. I had to take an extra class to be able to get IV certified. Actually it wasn't hard at all to get 5 sticks. "Sticks" are counted a little different than you think. The hardest part for me was threading the catheter with 1 finger with confidence. The IV stuff isn't really that hard to learn it just seems like a foreign language until you start really getting to play around with it.

    Block 2, I think we lost 5 or 6... those were the ones who did not come to class regularly though. Attendance was not strictly enforced as much as it was in Block 1.
    They told us that we had to have 5 successful sticks. So we have to get 5 IV practicum sheets filled out. If we are unsuccessful, then it does not count towards 1 of the 5. I have heard horror stories about the particular clinical instructor that I have now, so I am terrified to start!

    I think I'm having a hard time because it's all new to me. Changing a central line dressing sounds scary. I am also afraid of doing something that is considered outside our scope of practice since we will be working with an RN and the scope of practice is so different for IVs.

    So for block 2, would you say the test/quizzes are comparable in difficulty to block 1? It seems like a lot more material. I did okay in block 1, and ended up with a high B, but I'm worried about all the information, getting a high enough score in the class and passing clinicals! I have heard that our particular clinical instructor singles people out, embarrasses them and belittles them, shows up late, and basically doesn't care at all about the students or the job. That is scary to me because we have so many skills to check off. I also heard that my particular clinical instructor writes people up who complain about her, trying to find the slightest thing wrong to write you up for if you complain about here being late or anything else.
  2. by   miteacher
    Does anyone have any tips for making it through block 2? I'm worried because it's so much information!
  3. by   malibubarby
    Ok, I am new to this site. I am barely going to turn in my LPN application at Gateway this April. Does anyone know how long the wait is now? My sister turned hers in this past November, so I'm hoping it's a semester or 2. Thank you.
  4. by   pinklady8888
    Does anyone know about the "march advance placement" at gateway?? If thats the case omg!
  5. by   miteacher
    It's about 2 semesters now. They only have 1 cohort now instead of 2 so they are only taking 40 students each semester instead of 80. I applied a year ago and am in block 2 and I still waited 1 semester.
  6. by   AZMOMO2
    Haven't heard anything about it yet. Of course advisers at gateway are no help. Havie you heard anywhere besides on here that it was a possibility?
  7. by   pinklady8888
    no i havent my friend who got into block 3 told me that a girl in her class said that. so i emailed a advisor and she has yet replied
  8. by   pinklady8888
    btw i bought that hesi pn comprehensive book and it was wayyy to broad and easy, I feel like it didnt challenge me. The evolve review lady told me that saunders is key to nclex, she writes the questions and she said thats the best book in the market
  9. by   AZMOMO2
    Yes Saunders for NCLEX works fine. Plus really Fasttrack prepares you very well for the NCLEX. It's HESI-PN for HESI review to increase scores. HESI admits that their test is harder than the NCLEX itself. Which is why I recommend it. I scored over 1000 both times I have taken it.
  10. by   pinklady8888
    are you in the program now or? Im taking nclex on wed and i hope that it is easier than hesi cuz i freaked out on hesi and over analyzed eveything lol.
  11. by   AZMOMO2
    No I graduated fasttrack in 2009, have been working since then. i just finished all the co-reqs and am now applying for advanced placement. NCLEX was hard but seriously with all the SATA and Priority questions on it... but there is a reason Fasttrack has such a high pass rate.
  12. by   pinklady8888
    yeah im waiting to get intp block 3 too, hopefully i get in in august.
  13. by   miteacher
    So which book do you recommend? The HESI PN or the Nclex book with the CD? I think the Hesi questions seem harder than the Nclex questions on the CD. How many studnets in your group had a high enough score to go on to block 3? Did you have a lot of students fail block 2? I think the tests are harder.

    This week, we have two tests. We have one comprehensive lab final (which is written) and will cover skills from block 1 and 2. And then we have a skill we have to perform. We also have our respiratory test this week, so it's a lot of information that we are covering so quickly. Also, I'm worried because we will have about 50 questions for each one and they will be worth 1/2 point each instead of 25 questions worth 1 pt each.

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