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Verah interesting........ Looks to me like it's a separate application process. Don't know what the wait list is like for it, but for those of you on the waitlist for the RN program, it might... Read More

  1. by   azcna
    Gateway notifies for the August program in April? That seems pretty early! I found another program that I have a guaranteed spot for July. It looks like at this rate, some people who applied for Jan. won't even get in in August. It's really disappointing because they are the cheapest and closest school.

    I agree though, MSC is too long, it's five days a week, and a little too expensive. And EVIT is ten grand and probably five days a week.

    The only reason I even applied for Gateways program is that someone in the program told me that they were calling people last minute to fill up seats for people who couldn't do it. I had a tiny bit of hope that would happen this time as well
  2. by   steven h
    Yep in april because they don't do anything in the summer. No classes for any of the programs. So they motify early for the august start. What program did u find....
  3. by   miteacher
    The only thing that I really liked about Gateway is that they have the weekend program and evenings. I am a teacher, so this is the only program that I have found that will allow me to still teach while I go for the first semester or two. I haven't found any others. I already have a bachelors, and I looked into accelerated programs, but they are costly and won't work with my schedule.
  4. by   azcna
    Luckily I work 3 12hr shifts a week, so I can do a four day a week program during the day or night.

    I'm going to the Southwest Skills Center. Much shorter waiting list. It's in Avondale, and most people from whom I've talked to aren't interested in driving more than 30 minutes for a program. So being out of the way makes fewer people interested
  5. by   miteacher
    I live in Avondale, and looked into the program, but the schedule was the problem. The advisor said that you will not wait a long time for that program like the others. It costs a bit more, and the schedule was the problem for me or I would have gone there.
  6. by   azcna
    It is a bit more, but if I can start in March rather than August or possibly January 2012, it's worth it for me. It's unfortunate that most nursing programs seem to be set up for the non-working :/
  7. by   Lucky14
    Has anyone out there received an offer/acceptance into the Gateway LPN Spring 2011 program? According to the post, it looks like people have been informed that they did NOT make it into the Spring program but I havn't seen anyone post that they actually got in. I applied in April 2010. However, I have not received an notification that I did or did not make it in for the Spring 2011 program. How did all of you guys get notified? This "not knowing" is making me feel sick to my stomach. Anyone have any advise?
  8. by   miteacher
    I was notified by email...It was in my spam folder
  9. by   Lucky14
    YEA!! I just got a letter! I'm in for the Spring 2011 day program! I'm so excited!!!!!

    I applyed in April 2010 so I waited one semester. There is hope!

    To all that didn't get the letter - hang in there. The one semester wait went fast. I will keep in touch praying that all you guys get in next time.

    If anyone use is starting in Jan, please e-mail me so prehaps we can compare notes and prepare for the next step in our lives!

    Best Wishes To You All
  10. by   azcna
    That's awesome! Good luck on getting in
  11. by   miteacher
    Lucky14, congratulations! Keep us posted on how the program is! I hope I only have to wait the 1 semester, although it seems some people are waiting two!
  12. by   micajoieLAc
    For anyone that doesn't get in take Human pathophysiology, you will be so happy you did! The class sets you nicely for the first block. The exams ask "NCLEX style" questions which are so different than any other test. In some areas my Pathophys class was more indepth than Block one! Good Luck to all!
  13. by   koalakoala
    I just got my acceptance letter this week for the Spring 2011 LPN fast track program at Gateway!! The letter came in the mail saying that I got into the evening program (which was my first choice). I applied in April, so I only waited one semester! I feel so unprepared, but I don't know what to do to prepare myself! Any suggestions?